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  1. Right, that Thomas setup is amazing, pure VEX, super fast!
  2. One more solution from Thomas Para:
  3. Animation Workflow

    I had a similar question recently, so maybe this link might be helpful as well: There are some more useful links including raw Python tools
  4. At some point (probably after Material Stylesheets creation) my TRAFFIC object stops to render. If I would delete Material Stylesheets on ENVIRONMENT node and turn off CROWDS it starts to render again. Also, to get crowd motion blur I need to unpack crowd sim, but that breaks material assignment with stylesheets for my agents. Copying Material Stylesheets data (and a fixing path to material nodes) to unpack node did not work. I have no idea why it happened, what relationship between CROWDS and TRAFFIC so they don't render together and would be glad for any suggestions! Here is the scene file: E010_S040_003.hipnc
  5. Here is the scene E010_S040_003.hipnc Also, I can't understand why my TRAFFIC part does not render (if I delete stylesheets it renders again), but I will make a separate thread for that issue. dancing_01.fbx
  6. Yes, that's it, but after Unpack node my material stylesheets stop working!
  7. I have it turned ON, no MB thought... I have a trail node after my crowds sim set to calculate MB, it works for other animated geo but not for the crowds (I use animated FBXs as agents) but velocity is still = 0.
  8. I can't find how can I turn ON motion blur for crowd_source node geometry, nothing like that in UI. How can I turn on MB for my crowd?
  9. Multiple material crowd simulation

    If you are using FBX you should be able to setup materials with stylesheets by geometry shape names (from FBX) if they are separate objects. You need to create such a hierarchy: target (primitive)/condition (Object Path, *), sub-target (Agent Shape)/sub-condition (geometry shape names, for me it works only if the name starts with *), Override (Set Material, <material name>) crowds_materialStylesheets_001.hipnc cheeringStayA_01.fbx
  10. Create Shaders tab on Geometry node

    # Create Material Stylesheet parameter interface # Select Geometry node, run script import hou # Get selected geometry node to create Stylesheet parameter OBJ = hou.selectedNodes()[0] # Define tags dataTags = {'script_action_icon':'DATATYPES_stylesheet', 'script_action_help':'Open in Material Style Sheet editor.', 'spare_category':'Shaders', 'script_action':"import toolutils\np = toolutils.dataTree('Material Style Sheets')\np.setCurrentPath(kwargs['node'].path() + '/Style Sheet Parameter')", 'editor':'1'} # Create parameter interface group = OBJ.parmTemplateGroup() folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate('folder', 'Shaders') folder.addParmTemplate(hou.StringParmTemplate('shop_materialstylesheet', 'Material Style Sheet', 1, tags = dataTags)) group.append(folder) OBJ.setParmTemplateGroup(group) Thanks to Houdini Tricks!
  11. How to create a Shaders tab on Geometry SOP with Python (to store material stylesheets)?
  12. Transfer HDA animation

    Stylesheets... Why if I define an agent shape exactly it does not work (EYE_L_OUT EYE_R_OUT), only with asterisks in front (*EYE_L_OUT *EYE_R_OUT)?
  13. I have a Digital Asset of my character. It is animated in the animation scene. Is it possible to transfer animation to another scene with the same asset with standard Houdini tools?
  14. Fatal error: Segmentation fault

    Switching to the latest build (16.5.536) seems solved the issue.
  15. When I run Houdini this morning I get a message: Indeed the system was updated this night. Now when I try to open scenes with one big asset they crash: Fatal error: Segmentation fault I do not really understand what should I do exactly in order to "contact SideFX about getting an upgrade to Houdini to address this issue". I suppose crashes are related to windows update.
  16. Transfer HDA animation

    Ok, that makes sense. I am far away from such stuff for now. I was thinking how to transfer cameras from animation to render. How its usually done, alembics, HDA, other?
  17. Transfer HDA animation

    I did not get why I need to edit string if everything is working without modifications and additional attributes? I use the same material library HDA (/OBJ/MATERIALS) in modeling, animation and rendering scenes, the absolute path remains the same and materials automatically caught by the geometry from caches or material SOP in HDA. Anyway, thank for your time, the information you provide is really useful!
  18. I rig my geometry stored on HDD with Houdini Autorig. The source geometry has custom primitive attributes but stash SOP kills them all. Attribute transfer does not work cos stash change number of primitives. Can I just turn this node off? What is its functionality in this case? Default Autorig setup: Stush node OFF, @shop_materialpath exists.
  19. Transfer HDA animation

    Ah, not even close! If I understand correctly... when I build my model (in modeling scene) and use material sop to apply materials (say from HDA in my scene) it creates a @shop_materialpath and record path to a material there. Now I can cache geometry (in production I will cache it from animation scene) If I will load geo cache to a render scene and create material HDA, Houdini will assign materials automatically. It could be a basement for materials workflow... I test it and it works as I describe, everything is correct here, right? I am asking because sometimes things work when they should not. And it is even scarier than if things don`t work but they should... Don't want to build a workflow based on a wrong assumption.
  20. Transfer HDA animation

    I saw this video a couple of times, as well as some other Houdini pipeline. I feel now I need a more low-level explanation how can I store and assign materials (Mantra Principal shader mostly). Say I have a cached character animation which I bring to a render scene as a File node. As far as I understand I will need a material library asset for this character and I know how could I create it and bring to my render scene. But how can I assign materials to a single mesh other than with groups in Material node? And how can I use shop_materialpath attribute, I did a quick search but did not get any a description of related workflow?
  21. Transfer HDA animation

    You mean store material libraries as hip files and merge to a render scene? This is the way I am thinking to deal with materials now. Or you mean store material libraries as HDA and install them (I have no idea how HDA importing works)? Definitely, materials would be assigned automatically in render scene via groups and @material attribute (which should be set during modeling or lookdev stage) after cache file is loaded:
  22. Transfer HDA animation

    How to store materials if I wish to have a material library (ies) and use it (them) in render scenes? First I was thinking about storing materials in HDA but I have some concerns. According to my method of structuring materials, there could be one library for all environments and props and each character will require its own library (because of a complexity and uniqueness of character assets its easier to manage unique materials on each character). If there are many characters in a project the HDA list in Houdini will become massive, and also materials would be mixed with other asset types (characters, props, etc). Imagine Digital Assets menu will contain the same amount of assets as "All"... Maybe there is a way to structure HDA other than by using suffixes in HDA names (folders)? Or it's ok to have a huge list cos nobody will ever browse this list in the usual way and all assets creation and update will be scripted?
  23. Transfer HDA animation

    Thanks, Ben for that information, really useful! When I sad pure Houdini I meant major players in 3D area only: no Maya, Blender or 3DS Max, etc. Sculpting and painting tools like Z-Brush and Mari are in implementation plans at a later stage. Nuke and Shotgun are the part of the pipeline already, however, I tend to render final images from 3D and do in comp a very few things only. Also, I am thinking to implement Shotgun as an optional choice cos it's quite expensive and not everybody has an account (and as far as I know there are no free alternatives to Shotgun with Python API) but its quite tricky to manage project data without such system. When I start playing with Houdini I realize that it could handle all 3D operations quite well (opposite to a common opinion that Houdini used mainly for FX), this inspires me to switch from Maya completely and build a Houdini based pipeline. I am doing a personal project in Houdini (almost without a character animation but I still need this functionality to exchange data between different 3D stages) and pipeline developing is a part of this process. As a result, I wish to get the solid pipeline basement which could be scaled for next bigger and more complex projects with a bunch of artists involved. I know this is not the best idea trying to create an abstract pipeline for all possible cases, so I would say full CG animation film is the project I am aiming for (even if it`s very small and could be done with one artist). Materials... There are tons of possible options but I am thinking if it makes sense to use in Houdini the same solution I designed for Maya: you create a library of common materials (wood, grass, plastic, metal etc) and apply materials in rendering scenes and each asset has shading attributes (material name, textures names for different channels, individual tweaking parameters, like reflection straight). In such case, every asset in production consists of mashes combined by materials. So you have a very limited amount of shaders in the final scenes ready to be rendered but with an ability to tweak each asset shading individually in each shot if you need. I still don't like this idea to have hda in render scenes with all redundant information and individual shaders (when a lot of them could be shared across different assets) but my mind is opened. So I will examine the geometry caches option (bgeo.sc) for now. My current question is: if I will load animated asset with File node into a rendering scene, how can I distinguish different parts of the geometry and apply different materials?
  24. Delete segment of a curve

    Cool, Vusta! I was trying to go this way with group transfer as well but did not get it working, nice trick with facet SOP.
  25. Delete segment of a curve

    I need to delete round part of the curve. The only way I manage to do it gives the desired result on the right side but remain segment on the left side (bottom shape). I need a second object which will exclude initial circles. delete_segment_01.hipnc