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  1. I want to use different texture maps one for the tip and another for the Base for my Houdini Hair using Marschner Hair shader and rendering it with Renderman. Could someone like to share how can I do this so that I also have control of fall off?
  2. No Bubble formation ?

    Hi All, I have recently started working with Houdini Flip and while trying to achieve air bubble inside Flip simulation in a pouring liquid, I am failing quite miserably. I have used Air Incompressibility but unable to achieve the air bubbles while pouring the liquid something similar to https://www.facebook.com/particleskull/videos/1987853528104282? [www.facebook.com] Apart from that, I have a few questions and I am very hopeful that I will receive my answers here. When I reduce particle separation (high particle count) my collision fails and in order to fix it, I reduce grid size and increase iterations too. So my question is how should I proceed, What should I tweak first grid size or iterations so that I achieve a better collision? In the attached scene file I intentionally used low particle count in order to view and block out my sim but less particle count often cause my collision to fail, Is there any other way to achieve it so that I can save processing time with high particle count? My vessel (object) does have some thickness to it but sometimes collision fails, don't understand how can I control it and what if I needed a thin geometry in my shot, How can I make collisions to work with thin geo? Is there any correlation between the particle count or particle radius? e.g If I increase particle count then should I decrease particle radius considering the water-like liquid. How can I get rid of a few particles which got stuck with the surface of the vessel though the rest of the simulation works perfectly fine? Bottle_Project.rar
  3. Can Houdini generate motion vector pass for Volumes using raytrace Engine? If Yes, Please share how and How can we optimise it for faster rendering. I have tried using micropolygon but it is very slow.
  4. Hi Guys, I was doing a pyro sim but due to some maintenance issue I am facing erratic and frequent electricity breakdown in my area. So I was searching and found that I can resume my sim using explicit cache in some forums but since I am using Houdini 14 and new to the software I am unable to find that option. I would appreciate if someone could point out that if I can resume my sim and save it's cache in Houdini 14 from where it was interrupted . Here is another question can we append the sim instead of re-simulating the whole thing again? Can I use multiple system ( in my case My laptop and my desktop) to generate the sim cache,if yes how? Would interruption of one system affect the other system or sim in any way?
  5. LONG HAIR does not follow guides.

    Please pay respect to the original artist whose model and curves you are using .The Chinese artist did a very good job I think he deserves some credit.
  6. Passes for Pyro in Houdini14

    Thank you Henrik for your reply. I was wondering if you can also explain me why micropolygon rendering as well as PBR is slower than raytrace and is there anyway I can make it fast. Please guide me how can I generate depth pass for pyro?
  7. Please excuse me guys,I am new to Houdini and I was trying to generate few passes of Pyro in Houdini but unfortunately I was unable to achieve those,I hope you guys would help me in resolving the following issues I have faced. I have enclosed my project as well as rendered .exr files for your consideration. 1)How can I generate motion vector pass by using Raytrace Engine in Houdini 14 Build 14.0.291 ? 2) I have generated few passes in houdini please check .exr file but I am unable to see fire and smoke mask in nuke though these masks are visible in Houdini Image Viewer.Please also explain how can I comp them together especially motion vector? 3) Can you explain me should I render Pyro using raytrace engine or PBR,I find raytrace engine fast and more efficient than PBR ,please correct me what I am doing wrong or how can I speed up my PBR rendering without compromising the quality? 4) Is there a way I can add displacement to my Pyro ? 5) How I can generate Volume Light Pass ? 6) How I can generate RGB pass ? Thanks in anticipation. Houdini_Pass_Projects.rar Pyro_Pass.rar
  8. motion vector for volume

    Being new to Houdini Could you help me by providing explaination why do we need separate masked exr in 16 bit ? And How and why we need to convert it in RGB and latter normalise it? Do I need scattering pass if I am using volume light? Also how does it help turning on "Motion Blur" and "Depth of field" option in sampling for motion vector pass.(It's on in your file)
  9. Hi , So I have few queries related to the cache process in Houdini 12. # How can I take out Pyro cache in Houdini? #Can I use the cache in other file (same settings) or same file saved with different name,If yes then How? # What are the steps do I need to follow to observe my Pyro cache working,so far I tried using the cache file while turning on cache option and found out that it was not working and starts calculating again.
  10. Houdini Fur

    By UV Sets I Mean in Maya UV's works best in 0-1 space but packing all the UVs in one space is not good idea so We use UV sets for assigning UV's in better way with the help of different UV sets so each UV gets it's 0-1 space and works best for Better texture Painting and detailing. It may not be related to Fur in Houdini but for Texturing it is very useful also I am bit confused how it will work when I try to assign texture maps to Fur. Also As I asked before if I require my painted texture for fur length,etc and I would want to tweak those maps in third party softwares like photoshop ,How can I achieve this. The solution comes that I should render it as 'uv render object' but I am concerned that it is camera dependent means it depends on camera angle camera clipping etc.
  11. Houdini Fur

    Thanks Brian Burke, Can Anyone share any file related to my query "Does Houdini support feature such as UV set which is very helpful in software such as MAYA for distributing and using UV space in more appropriate manner. " Also I find that rendering UV as texture space is camera dependant which I think is not the right, Please correct me if I am wrong ,Being from Maya background I find it much simpler and correct to export you maps for Fur and easily change them.
  12. Houdini Fur

    Hi guys, I am relatively very new to Houdini and would like to seek help from all you Houdini Masters. I would like to know: How Can I achieve the original color of my texture map in Houdini Fur because when I try to apply my color map I don't get the desired result which I suppose is mainly due to the color ramp provided in the diffuse section of Fur shader.If I make it white it make texture too bright which is kind of multiplier. Also I would like to know if some one can describe the function and implication of blend color map ramp in fur shader, unfortunately Houdini's help doesn't provide much info related to its' function and use. I would also like to know how can I generate or take out the length map as an image file so that I can further make necessary adjustments to the map in another paint programe such as Photoshop. Does Houdini support feature such as UV set which is very helpful in software such as MAYA for distributing and using UV space in more appropriate manner. Can we use custom curves with Houdini's Fur, if yes then how what is the procedure for it. How can I implement new hair model with Houdini. Hope you guys would disregard my lack of knowledge of Houdini and would come forward with some reply for my better understanding of Houdini.
  13. New Hair Model VOP??

    Still Looking for expert suggestions on how to apply that new Houdini Fur Shader.
  14. New Hair Model VOP??

    vig littlepython I think you misunderstood my query as I have requested for the procedure of implementing the new fur shader provided by sideeffects in Houdini 12 which is more commonly know as Physical Base Hair Model VOP. i know how to apply fur on a geometry in Houdini but still thank you for describing it again .
  15. New Hair Model VOP??

    I am a new Houdini learner and just found out that Houdini has a New Physical Base Hair Model VOP but unfortunately I don't know how I can implement or apply it for my Fur /Hair. What sort of steps I need to follow before I can see the final rendered output.Do I require any special lighting/rendering set for rendering this new hair model. Thanks in advance