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  1. I have an fbx file that has the geometry and materials from maya which i have imported into houdini. My problem is that when I try to create another geometry node and place an object merge node inside linking it to the fbx, the materials are not present! Any idea how to get around this?
  2. Hi all, Im not sure if this is the right section to be posting this, so sorry if it isnt! I'm working on a shot where by my drill vehicle comes out of the ground (rbd fracture). I want to keep the same texture as I have in my backplate (which is the road in this case), but I don't know how to project it onto the surface I've created in houdini (I'm not too sure if camera projection is even the right way to put it). I basically just want it to look like its coming out of that ground from the image. And, can I get it to stay on the pieces of the broken ground as it simulates? Also, how do i texture the inner parts of the voronoi? Been cracking my head with that all week. I've attached my working file, as del as the backplate image so you can see what I'm trying to achieve. You just need to load the OBJ sequence from the drill.zip in the file node and watch the sim in the dopnet. I've also added the image in the file, so you can see what I'm trying to go for as well. If anyone could help me out it would be great! Thanks! drill.zip shot02_test5.hip
  3. Hi all, Im having trouble exporting my animated vehicle from maya to houdini. I have tried using FBX with the default settings, but when i opened up houdini, only the rig was moving. I understand that Houdini does not support the constraints in maya, but how else will i get my animation that has been rigged to houdini then??
  4. Trying to export Maya animation to Houdini

    Thanks all! I managed to get it into Houdini after caching it. Dobin, this worked like a charm! Thanks again for the help!
  5. Sparks

    Can anyone help me understand how to create sparks in houdini? I've started out by just emitting particles from a grid downwards and splitting it at the point of collision.. but I'm not exactly getting the look of proper sparks colliding on the ground.. another thing is that I tried using the particle surface node as well as a POP network to see the difference.. any idea which is better to use? I've attached the working file i'm using right now.. Thanks for the help in advance! sparks_test.hipnc
  6. Sparks

    ok so after doing some tests myself.. i managed to get the look of sparks interacting with the ground.. but now when i render.. the collided sparks appear brighter than the sparks coming down.. I added geometry velocity blur and cranked up the velocity in order to make my particles appear like they are sparks in the render view.. Can i get some advice on how to lessen the brightness of the collided sparks? Attached it the latest file i'm working on. sparks.hipnc
  7. RBD Object keeps moving/bouncing!

    I have a scene that i'm trying to achieve where a ball slams down into the ground like a crater and after it smashes into the ground, the surrounding area slowly comes down. so in the end its suppose to look like a circular concave hole. But i can't seem to get something right. My rbd object keeps bouncing when i smashes into the ground. i want it to sit still once it gets into the ground like its stuck there. From what i know, if the bounce value of the rbd object and my rbdfracturedobect is both set to 0, it shouldn't be bouncing right? What else do I need to adjust in order for my sphere to stop moving around? I've also animated the distance threshold in my attribute transfer node to get the concave effect. If anyone could help me understand why my sphere is reacting like that I would be try grateful to them! ground_shatter5.hipnc
  8. RBD Object keeps moving/bouncing!

    I'm trying my best to not animate the sphere as I want to achieve the effect dynamically.. but i see your point.. i'll animate it if i am still unable to find a solution.. also, i wanted to ask, I noticed you changed the bulletrbdsolver to rbdsolver.. is there a difference between them?
  9. Object Merge with Materials

    Ok so i've tried that and it appears to work in the view port but when i render it shows up as a complete white surface! I'm trying to attach a file here so others could have a look but for some reason I can't i've tried on safari, IE and firefox but i still can't upload anything! i've tried using the basic and advanced uploader but it still doesn't let me upload files here. any idea why?
  10. Hi all, I've been having a problem of late regarding to voronoi fracture. So i've build a simple procedural brick wall, and i've voronoi-ed it, and even smashed a ball through it to see the effect. My question is, how do we control how far or how near the collision debris goes? from what I know, its altering the value of the density under the Physical tab in the rdbfractureobject of my DOPnet, but it doesn't seem to have any affect to it. I want to use a car model i have to smash into the wall, but at a slower pace, meaning the debris won't be flying away from the point of impact. I've been doing some tests but the debris keeps flying miles away. So what i'd like to know is, is the mass of the parts that are being fractured solely based on the density value? or is there another way? sorry if it sounds confusing :S
  11. Voronoi Fracture - mass/density of fractured objects

    Thanks clown! this helped. i tried increasing the values dramatically and saw a huge difference in what each does. Thanks again! and vectorblur, i kind of get what you're saying, but for now, i think i'll stick with adjusting the other values first.. i'll try out your method soon enough! thanks for the help!