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  1. For Sublime fans, you should also check out SubTunel which allows to control various scripting contexts (Node, HDAs, shelftools) entirely from Sublime. https://github.com/kubaroth/SubTunnel
  2. SubTunnel

    Hi All, After long and tedious testing phase I'm happy to announce SubTunnel - a Sublime plugin which allows sending code snippets to any open Houdini session. There are two primary reason this tool was created. The first one is to boost productivity by taking advantage of all feature of a mature text editor. The second one is to remove restrictions of currently existing workflows such as: locking main UI loop while editing code with an external text editor cumbersome editing in a small non-resizable UI which is the case in all script/wrangle nodes The plugin has been test on 3 major platforms (extensively on Linux) - on Windows no cygwin is required. So please check it out and let me know in case of any questions, ideas or problems. Github: https://github.com/kubaroth/SubTunnel Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/103876297 Enjoy, kuba
  3. GPS Based City Construction Video

    FYI, default version of python has change in H12 but this shouldn't actually break the code... perhaps if you post error output somebody will be able to comment on this.
  4. I'm afraid not, unfortunately.
  5. Специалист Houdini (Москва)

    That's funny, now I can see how diverse odforce usergroup is... well we're still missing something in sanskrit and some far-east stuff... anyone? ..../.-/...-/.//.-//--./.-././.-/-//-../.-/-.--/--..-/
  6. Take a look at Graham's first reply from this link: ...seems you are running into similar problem.
  7. HDK basics print out

    On windows there is a floating console shell window which is hidden and pops up for the first time when you run into some errors (in your code most likely). To change that behavior you need to set some hconfig variables: HOUDINI_WINDOW_CONSOLE := 0 That's why I prefer starting houdini from cygwin, which makes things more intuitive kuba
  8. I'm not sure if I follow, but the answer for the muli-line expression is to call either a function stored in hdaModule or separate lines with semicolons. btw. we should catch up at some point in Vancouver
  9. Simple VEX

    set Y to 0.
  10. Simple VEX

    Sure, that's actually one of the things vex performs really well. Example attached: noiseVop.hipnc
  11. creating proper topology from curves

    How about cutting the concave shape into smaller pieces based on the angle attribute on each point (take a look at the VOPsop)? Bare in mind that for some special cases it is not gonna work though...I didn't cover every case to keep example simple. concave_example2.hipnc
  12. creating proper topology from curves

    I'm not sure if I fully understand the above. Can you post a simplified example scene? kuba
  13. PolyExtrude normals are strange

    Have you noticed that xfrom1 by default recomputes point normals for you? According to the hip file which differs from attached images the initial cube has point normals applied only on the top face. This explains why all created divisions (the right hand example) have N attribute with a value of 0,0,0.
  14. Converting some geometry to NURBs surface

    On approach would be to rebuilt your geometry as a nurbs surface using profile curves extracted from the polymesh edges. (see the example). poly-to-nurbs-prob_rebuilt.hipnc
  15. I second rdg - ui scripts with hooked callback functions is the way to go imho. Ui script allows to use native Houdini widgets together with ordinary HDAs. It's not that difficult to figure it out however you need to play around a bit with the docs examples.