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  1. How do you go about evening out the spacing between points on a mesh while preserving it's shape (like the relax tools in most other 3d packages)? The point relax SOP is not designed for meshes and produces ugly results if you try and use it.
  2. The issue is with the Filmbox ROP - if you tell it to write more than one frame it will under no circumstances write out multiple fbx's; it assumes you want one fbx with a cache. Therefore I need to set it to write one frame, render, change the frame, render, etc.
  3. I'm trying to write out multiple variations of the same object as fbx's (I have to use fbx), the object is set to change every frame. Unfortunately when you set a frame range on the the Filmbox FBX ROP you don't get multiple fbx's, you just get one with a point cache. I put a script on the object to change the start and end frame of the ROP to the current frame (which works), followed by hou.parm('/out/filmboxfbx1/execute').pressButton() Which when pressing play writes out a bunch of fbx's but unfortunately they're all empty; the script gives an infinite recursion in evaluation error. I then tried making a tool that runs a script for n in range (1, 101): hou.setFrame(n) hou.parm('/out/filmboxfbx1/execute').pressButton() This only writes out 1 frame. I even tried using threading and sleep incase it was because it was executing the render button too quickly, no dice. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?
  4. I'm having a hell of a time trying to do something I thought would be very straight forward. I want objects colliding with some objects but not others. I tried this technique method using collider label and no collider but it didn't work: From: https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=177142 collision_layer_fix.hip Download collision_layer_fix.hip https://www.sidefx.com/index2.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=download&id=20466 For me both balls just fall straight through the top grid (I'm using H15). Only one of them is supposed to go through. I can't use collisiongroup and collisionignore attributes as I'm not using packed objects. Can anyone help?
  5. Solved it by instead of trying to copy the clothCapture attribute copying P from the animated geometry to the frozen geometry with clothCapture.
  6. I'm using clothCapture where the geometry to capture is changing over time. I want to create that clothCapture attribute at a specific time. I thought I could use a timeShift, do the clothCapture and then copy that attribute back to the original animated geometry. Unfortunately that doesn't work; it turns a 74f in a 2f. How do people get around this problem?
  7. That doesn't work (and I wouldn't expect it to, it's not how shooting multiple rays works).
  8. Is there any way for the ray sop to register a hit only on the front face of a primitive and pass through backfaces?
  9. I have moving particles that leave a trail of static particles behind them. I need to stop a moving particle if it gets close to another's trail. I've tried using the proximity pop, so if a moving particle has any neighbours nearby it stops, but I can't see a way to not have it count particles that are in its own trail. I thought perhaps there'd be an attribute transfer pop for between particles (to see if there were any particles within a radius which had a different trail attribute, if there were then stop the particle) but I can't see a way to do that either. I hope someone can help!
  10. Thanks, though that's what I'm doing already. I'm just wondering why I need to, why the kill isn't instant.
  11. If you create an emitter (location/source) and append a kill, why do particles exist for an instant before being killed? Surely you should never see any at all? In case you're wondering why it matters- I need certain particles (A) to birth other particles ( B ) but ultimately have (A) deleted. I have geometry copied to them, and (A) annoyingly gets geometry copied to it for a frame before that kill takes it out. I'm getting around the problem by using an add sop to turn the particles into points and then deleting (A), but it seems a strange thing to have to do.
  12. Damn. So I've resigned myself to having the COPs write out loads of images, the problem is this will need to be done frequently with lots of nodes. To save clicking render 100 times every time the text needs to change I had the idea to merge all the font nodes and then write to exr using layers to store the planes. It works in that I can see all the different text in their own layers in Nuke, but is it possible to access exr layers in a shader?
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