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  1. controling rbd objects

    Thanks guys!! I´ll have a look Cheers Erik
  2. controling rbd objects

    Hi good people. I was wondering if there is a clever way to control rbd-object into a specific end-position. Say I have 8-10 objects that I want to be placed in an exact position in the end of my simulation. Cheers Erik
  3. ttyellow fx reel 2013

    Very very nice showreel. Keep it comming. Erik
  4. Hi good folks I am having troubles understanding why my setup does not work. What I want is a twistcontrol on my tube-geometry. I have done some reseach on the subject and found some examples that I does not fully understand. Hope to get some enlightment :-) Cheers Erik
  5. helicopter orientation

    Hi. There is the rotateVOP Just a few topics - Hope it helps Erik
  6. Image per primitive

    Hi. Here is a file with two ways of fetching files via Python. My next goal is to put several imagesequences in the same folder and have different sequences pr primitive. I miss a smart Python-trick to isolate the different filenames in a list. Let say I have 300 frames in one list called [ fileA.0000.jpg -> fileA.0099.jpg, fileB.0000.jpg -> fileB.0099.jpg, fileC.0000.jpg -> fileC.0099.jpg ] How can I make a new list containing only containing [ fileA, fileB, fileC ] ?? Cheers Erik fileOnPrim_v002.hipnc
  7. Image per primitive

    Hi Thomas Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. Here is the expression so far: import os thepath = os.listdir("U:/martin/awesome 3d stuff/") mod = len(thepath) primnum = int(lvar("PR")) myimagenumber = primnum % mod tex = ("U:/martin/awesome 3d stuff/" + thepath[myimagenumber]) return tex Next step is to make a variable from a nulls file-parameter, so that I dont have to write the images path in the expression. Just to make it easier to point at the files. Thanks again :-) Erik
  8. Image per primitive

    Hi good folks!! I am playing with Python(expression) i Houdini and I am allready stuck with some syntax-problems. What I want is to assign a primitiveattribute(string) called "map" with this Hscript-expression like this: $HIP\pic\butterfly`$PR % 7+1`.pic but i Python. My goal is to point at a folder, on my harddrive, with random jpg`s(or like) and let the expression figure the rest out. What I have so fare is: import os file = os.filepath("U:erik/pictures") texturepath = file[primitivenumber] - Here I am stucked!! return texturepath Is there a method to this like the above descriped Hscript?? Thank you very much!! Erik
  9. Ocean FX in Houdini 12.5

    Here is the scene. Its nearly all done in the shader. Erik oceanFX_test_v001.hipnc.hip
  10. Ocean FX in Houdini 12.5

    Hi all. This how far I have come so far. I would like to continue with some whitewater splash and maybe some mist. I wonder if its possible to use the Mist-tool and Whitewater-tool without the FLIP-tank approach. Thanks for helping me so far :-) Cheers Erik https://vimeo.com/67623946
  11. Ocean FX in Houdini 12.5

    Hi Martin. Great - Thank you very much!! Its exactly what I was trying to figure out. Cheers Erik
  12. Ocean FX in Houdini 12.5

    Hi again. So now I had a chance to have a look on the examples from the other thread. I still have problems on how to ude the SDF Volume. What I understand the UniformVolume-shader fills a manifold geometry with a, yes, volume - and it looks cool and exactly what I am trying to acchive. But I have troubles due to my lack of knowledge about volumes and how to convert them into something usefull in the context of oceanFX. What I have found is that I can convert the SDF-volume into a polygon-mesh and the use the extrudeVolume-SOP to get the manifold geometry the UniformVolume-shader needs But it seems to be a cumbersome and heavy workflow. Cheers Erik
  13. Ocean FX in Houdini 12.5

    Cool. Thanks Martin. I´ll check it out :-) Erik
  14. Ocean FX in Houdini 12.5

    Hi all. I`ve spent some hours trying to figure out how to shade and render the new ocean FX-tool in H12.5. Especially the volumeoption gives med some trouble to figure out. There is not a lot in the documentation about the workflow. Does any one of you tried it with succes, maybe shed some light on the subject? Thanks a lot. Erik
  15. HOT for h12

    Hi folks. Is there any chance one of you could explain how to set up the HOcean_Ocean_Eval in displacement. I cant make it work. Thanks a lot Cheers Erik