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  1. Houdini 17 Sneak Peak

    A really good set of new or improved features going by the sneak peek for H17. However I somehow expected a more rendering focused release. What happened with all the mentions of the new contexts? There is nothing about possible Mantra speed improvements in the sneak peek, which is quite sad.
  2. Z-Depth error

    Is it using 'closest surface' or 'opacity filtering'?
  3. Haha, and we were fighting this for years now with 100+ lights in the scene. It always seemed to me that optimization of active radius would mean a world of difference, as it seemed falloff didn't exclude lights. This will be a game changer for our project if we switch to H16.
  4. Material ID pass

    Another automatic option is to just hash the object/material names and use that to lookup a hsv to your liking. Its also pretty stable across multiple scenes, as long as your names don't change.
  5. Feel free to contact me, the contact details are in your PM inbox.
  6. Procedural Rocks vs Photogrammetry Rocks

    Maybe you could find a way to do 'texture bombing' with procedural rock textures at various scales and distributions. I have seen some nice results from it that hide the noise basis for plethora of uses.
  7. Fabric Engine Splice Performance

    Looking good, Houdini+Fabric should be a formidable combo.
  8. Tangent normal maps

    Anyone know whats the expected output of 'Make Instance Transform' with N,v,up connected as in eetu's Normal map example. I can't seem to find any extended node documentation, as to how the 4x4 matrix output is calculated from the numerous inputs. I must be missing something simple regarding the operation of that node. I understand how transform matrices are usually composed, but would love for some info on that specific vop node.
  9. BSDF Bonanza: GGX, Microfacets, Disney BRDF and More

    I'm just getting into more advanced vops/vex shading and am wondering is there a simple way to 'mix' bsdf in PBR?
  10. Tangent normal maps

    I wonder if this is still problematic in the recent builds, or am doing something wrong? I get some problems on 8-bit normal maps, withouth the eetu's math, which look like clamping of values even if I choose the -1,1 on normal map options in the mantra surface. With the fix it works out ok.
  11. crowd tutorial

    I appologise for digging up a old thread. I was looking up Houdini crowd simulations and came upon this little gem. What an excellent tutorial! Its loaded with information and general Houdini knowledge, and easily one of the best I ever watched. Many thanks for this.
  12. Thanks for the info! The part about the BulletSOP is just what I needed. Also I forgot that You can use Master made OTLs in the Escape.
  13. I will update my software/hardware setup soon. My little studio was based on Softimage, but most of the work in now on OSX and the Autodesk is not too active with the development of Softimage so I think its time to move on. I'm looking for cross platform workflow, and have used Blender on a few commercial projects and it works for most of the low/middle end stuff, but there are limits since some of the features are products of student work and are somewhat unfinished. So I need a package to complement it. There are a few options, but I was a fan of Houdini for years and its flexibility, there is however the question of the price. The floating license for the HoudiniFX is listed at $7k, a bit too expensive for me, so I was wondering about the Houdini (former Escape), and its usability as a general purpose 3D application. The only thing I see from the comparison chart that is a real deal killer for me is the rigid body dynamics. I think the missing particles could be replaced by the SOP particles + VOP SOP workflow to an extent, and the rest I don't use as often and could rent if needed. Is there any way to get something thats usable as rigid body replacement with the H(without FX)?
  14. A simple FLIP simulation going nowhere

    I managed to find/solve problems. First the bounding volume was wrong, second the collision geometry SDF had a inverted sign, which looked good for me in the preview but was was wrong. Anyways works good and looks good. Now I need just to work out the workflows for caching, and which one works best.