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  1. Per-Frame Alembic export

    if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/Vrmesh").eval(): import subprocess,os excutable="C:/Program Files/Chaos Group/V-Ray/3dsmax 2014 for x64/tools/ply2vrmesh.exe" image=hou.parm(hou.pwd().path()+"/sopoutput").eval() imageout=os.path.splitext(image)[0]+".vrmesh" argum=[] if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/smoothNormals").eval(): argum.append("-smoothNormals") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/smoothAngle").eval(): argum.append("-smoothAngle") argum.append(str(hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/smoothAngleValue").eval())) if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/flipNormal").eval(): argum.append("-flipNormal") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/flipVertexNormal").eval(): argum.append("-flipVertexNormal") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/flipFaceNormal").eval(): argum.append("-flipFaceNormal") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/flipFaceNormal").eval(): argum.append("-flipFaceNormal") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/flipYZ").eval(): argum.append("-flipYZ") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/flipYPosZ").eval(): argum.append("-flipYPosZ") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/materialIDs").eval(): argum.append("-materialIDs") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/sortMaterialIDs").eval(): argum.append("-sortMaterialIDs") if hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/previewFaces").eval(): argum.append("-previewFaces") argum.append(str(hou.parm(hou.parent().path()+"/previewFacesValue").eval())) command=[excutable,image,imageout]+argum Hi guys, Here is my post Write script that i use to automate the convertion of .bhclassic in .vrmesh. You also need to populate your Rop with parms that is called by the script. cheers
  2. Delete constraint based on the position of the simulation.

    Hi navneet sorry for the delay. Here is an example... Exemple.hip
  3. anisotropy problem

    thank you , i will try to interpolate the uv in the shader. cheers
  4. anisotropy problem

    Hi I have some artefacts when i render polygon with anisotropic materials. My polygon have Uv and my tangent style is set to computeUV in the surface model. If i subdivide the the mesh or if i check "render polygon as subdivision" it work. But i want to keep my low poly mesh. cheers lucas testAni.hip
  5. Detect colliding particles based on pscale

    Thanks chrisopher I completely agree with you. it's much more easier to read in vex code. I'll give up with VOP when using a point cloud .
  6. Hi Im sure this is very easy but i am a bit lost with pointcloud. The idea is to add the Pscale of the current point with the Pscale of point cloud points and compare it to the distance between the this two points. It should return if they collide. For the first iteration it works: but the second one failed: Collision.hip thank you lucas
  7. Feather system development

    Really cool file. Thanks a lot for sharing. Just a litle question on your uniform scatter. Does it work with random size object? regards
  8. Delete constraint based on the position of the simulation.

    Thank you rayman, it's work perfectly. This code will be usefull for lots of other things! lucas
  9. dynamic Glue Network

    Hi Heavy Have you found a solution to your problem. thx
  10. Delete constraint based on the position of the simulation.

    Thank you. I find it's dificult to debug the sop solver in this situation. I have no feedback when i dive in to the SOP solver. You are right, in my exemple it's easy to have multiples delete nodes. But in my actual project this is not an option. Do you know any solution to import the updated position of the constraint network in the sop solver ? Regards
  11. Delete constraint based on the position of the simulation.

    Sorry for my poor english, I was not very clear... You are right the bottom of the constraint has be deleted. But i try to delete constraints pieces that fall on ground (they enter in the delete node bounding box that is in the sop solver) Regards lucas
  12. Hi I try to remove the constraint with a sop solver plugged into a constraintnetwork node to have the updated states of the simulation. The constraint network fall throught the bounding box but is not deleted... Here is my hip file: Help.hip
  13. HQueue errors in Win7x64

    Hi I have the same problem, have you found a solution? regards
  14. Reuse packed fracture as passiv animated geo

    Thank you very much. I had completely missed the intrinsic value transformation. lucas
  15. Reuse packed fracture as passiv animated geo

    Hi I did an RDB simulation with a fractured packed Obj. I would like to use this fractured animation as passiv animated object and glu some other objects to it. I have try to reimport the fracture packed in a "RBD Packetobject" set it in passiv and copied the point attribute to retrieve the animation of fracture. Unfortunately it does not work as expected. Is this possible? regards PassivPackedOBJ.hip