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  1. Volume deform tool

    cool~~very good setup
  2. control pack fracture wave

    Hey guys, i have a problem to control the fracture in dopnetwork. What i have to do like this video. https://vimeo.com/62638166 And the way i have tried is create a dir vector attribute in sop and use the vopforce in dopnet to import the dir attribute to drive the fracture . But the problem is hard to control . I want the wave fracture shape ,but my way is really mass.I also have tried the another way is use the popvop to drive the fracture.Because my fracture is pack so they can influence by the pop force .And also the problem is control....Any one can share some ideas? Thx..
  3. Pyro stamping

    How to make the N vector in sops if i have cached the pyro bego? the volume analysis make the gradient don't help yet~~
  4. appreciate the file, but i make the render,don't find the displacement yet..... why? and if i already rop output the sim bgeo file in low res, anyway can add noise to fill the details?like this...
  5. Hey everyone, i'm stucked by a general question: the particle emmit smoke. I want to achieve a effects which the plane_gun_shooting on the ground, there will produce a lot of smoke and dust. The way whcih i choose is using the particle to emmit smoke, but the problem is that if the velcocity of smoke inherit large one from particle , they will twist like a ring, and no matter how to adjust the turblence parameter , it doesn't work. And if the velocity carry on small, the smoke will attach to the source at first and then goes on by the smokesolver, it won't be real. As we know the smoke is fast when the bullet shooting on the ground, so how to achieve the right fast motion with none twist ring? Hope guys can help me....thanks very much! plane_gun_shooting.mov
  6. inherit particle velocity to fluid smoke solver

    hey just use the Gas Particle To Field.......
  7. Houdini12 Flip Customize Resize

    cool man! I have seen the video,the mind is good which can improve a lot speed.....
  8. light fog

    there have two ways:you can just use the Atmosphere node with the shop of lit fog. Actually,the theory of light fog is just the light through a big fog,so the other way is you can make a noise in COP,and put it into the projection map of your light,it can be produce the light map.Of course ,the light must point the fog which you make .Pay attention the attenuation if you make the light fog under water.....
  9. CG Clouds in Rio - For real this time ;-)

    the clouds is great! noise around the volume is a question..
  10. Houdini VFXer !

  11. eetu's lab

    cool...wish to share the hip! thanks a lot..