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  1. Randomizing crowd shapes

    4 minutes into this video goes into layers:
  2. First Pass at a Crowd Sequence

    I should have thought about toy soldiers! Ugh! Well I agree with you about the colors being way too colorful. I'm still experimenting and having a lot of fun compositing. I think I'm going to go with an environment rendered out of VUE. I also need to create a foreground element as well as flags, fires, birds, smoke, etc. All the little details that really push the image. Crowd Sim v5
  3. First Pass at a Crowd Sequence

    A small update...I'm still rendering out the fighting sequence. CrowdSim4
  4. Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to procedurally set a start and end time to my TimeWarp node based on the particles apex. So when the particle reaches its apex, the box will run through it's animation which was set on frames 1-10. As it stands in my example, the particles birth the geometry and the box plays through its animation immediately starting at frame 1. Hope this makes some kind of sense. TimeWarp_01.hipnc
  5. First Pass at a Crowd Sequence

    Well I found a bit of time to work on my crowd project this past weekend. Bear in mind that it's still a WIP and there are many problems still outstanding especially towards the end. I'm still trying to fine tune the transition from walking-fighting-death. I'm also trying my hand at matte-painting an environment. Everything is being composited in Fusion 5.3 and rendered out of Houdini 9.5.243 HD Edition. Is there a way to get the camera info out of Houdini HD? Well anyways here's the link (flash video): Gladiator Mockup v3
  6. First Pass at a Crowd Sequence

    Wow, thanks for the link to some great learning materials Netvudu. I'll have to pull apart Jeff's scene and study it. The characters are being driven by particles and I drive the speed of the walk cycle with the speed of the particles (I still need to work on this aspect judging by some characters obviously not walking at the right speed). I have done some preliminary setups to switch off the behavior based on weather the particle is near an enemy or obstacle. My goal is to have the crowd detect when it is near an enemy and fight. It then could live or die based on some who is supposed to win the entire battle. I'll post more as I work. Thanks!
  7. First Pass at a Crowd Sequence

    I'm still learning Houdini, and I'm loving every minute of it. I thought I'd try a project with a battle scene, and this is the first fruits of the project. I still have lots of tweaking to do as well as creating the opposing side. Link to Movie
  8. Another question/problem...

    Thanks alot! That did the trick, it also didn't help to have "keep position when moving" toggled.
  9. Another question/problem...

    You guys are going to get sick of me, but here it goes. I was doing the 3DBuzz Tutorials on rigging, and when I goto parent the nulls, everything goes out of whack. I'm pretty sure I've got the parent in place settings right in each null and on the global setting. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks Todd Legsetup
  10. Snap Points to Grid?

    hello all (first post). I'm just starting to learn Houdini (I love it BTW) but I cant seem to figure out how to grid snap like Maya. Thanks fer your help!