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  1. VDB Smoke trail setup problem

    Thanks a lot Jacob.Really helped.
  2. Looking for a Houdini freelance artist

    Hi Mathieu I am a freelance VFX artist, using Houdini as the primary software. Here is the link to my website: www.ljpramod.com Reel: https://vimeo.com/85628489 Linkedin link: https://in.linkedin.com/in/pramodlj Email: ljpramod@810studio.tv Please mail me for more details and I can also mail you the links to my recent works(not uploaded on website). I am interested in working with you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers! Pramod
  3. Hi all, I am a recent graduate from Bournemouth University(NCCA), with MA in Digital Effects, currently looking for a job as VfX artist. My ultimate aim is to work as an FX TD but I am now looking for entry level positions within the industry that will allow me to achieve this goal. Here is to link to my reel: vimeo.com/pramodlj/reel You can find the reel breakdown in the video description. If your interested and like to discuss about any opportunities. Please contact me at: mail: ljpramod@live.com linkedin: uk.linkedin.com/in/pramodlj Thanks.
  4. Helium balloon simulation

    hi all Finally managed to complete the project. Thanks to all the help provided on this thread It is my masters project. Pls check it out. Here is the vimeo link: BalloonCity One of the shots (shot3- floor shot) needs a lot more comp work. We didnt have time to fix it before the deadline. Hope we get time to fix it soon
  5. Separate polygon problem with Cloth tearing

    I am also having the same problem. Is there any solution for this??
  6. Helium balloon simulation

    Awesome.. that seems to do the job. .simple and easy cheers!!
  7. Helium balloon simulation

    thanks will check it out. .
  8. Helium balloon simulation

    okay . . i will try doing it with particles. Havnt played around with particles much, will give it a try. thanks.
  9. Helium balloon simulation

    The cloth simulation is not for the balloon. It is for the cloth that is holding the balloons initially before they are released. Like seen in the video. The reason behind using DOPs is that the balloons are going to be colliding with other objects that are in the scene.
  10. Helium balloon simulation

    Hi guys, i am trying to simulate a bunch of helium balloon released and floating up towards the sky. Something like in this video: . Right now i am not concentrating on the cloth simulation. First i am trying to get the motion of the balloons right. I tried this using rbd, but i am not able to get the right motion of the ballon in the air. I have attached my test file. It is a very basic setup. The problem with it is that the balloons are rotating a lot after they are released. I am not able to control their rotation. I tried rotation stiffness but it doesnt help. Can someone help with this?? Am I in the right path or is there a better way to do this simulation?? thanks BC_RND_HD_BALLON_V01_R02.hipnc