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  1. Redahift Z depth

    Hi I'm trying to render Z depth for a smoke in Houdini via Redshift, it's look like working fine with object, but somehow not working with a Pyro smoke. It's look like Redshift doesn't "see" the volume, any idea why? Thank you
  2. HI My extended ocean have very high specular and I couldn't reduce it or ged rid of it. My lighting rig is Sky Light light, rendering in Mantra using the default ocean surface shader. I tried everything i know the specular is still there, even when when lights are off , I have turn off the "reflect lights" option, the specular is gone but I end up with a flatten not nice look.. Attaching frame example Thank you!
  3. Boat Wakes displacement map

    I have boat wakes from Ocean flat tank .Fluid compress and the Surface cache. Exporting to texture at the oceanevaluate node give me the ocean wakes and the boat in black. What I want is only the the wakes from the boat as a displacement information so I can apply it on a grid that already have ocean deformation in Maya ( for Redshift ). Is anther another way to do it? Thank you! This is what I have now
  4. No I did not, I will check. Thank's
  5. Hello Attaching my setting and the result: RBD of a of a building, I'm not sure what is the problem, I have try all the variation setting and it's doesn't help The windows Have a Meatball force and the rest the gravity do collapsing the building down. somehow it work perfectly before and now it's not after re cache the geometry... Thank you!
  6. Hi I have import Maya Camera To Houdini with Alembic .and I need To do some adjustment with the animation within Houdini I see nothing at the Animation editor how do i see my Animation? Thank you.
  7. Alembic Houdini to Maya how to?

    Thank You! working great
  8. Hi Need help please How ca i get .abc scene from Houdini to maya ( i know how to import from Maya). What is the Pipeline,where or how do i connect the Alembic Archive in Houdini so i can import my simulation in Maya? a simple novice explanation or a scene will help.. Thank you.
  9. Maya Obj import question.

    Thank you! Works great.
  10. Hi I'm exporting a groups of models from Maya as an OBJ ( each part is separate ) To Houdini. Import as a file at geometry level , i get the model at one part object, how do i separate it to objects again? Thank you
  11. problem with my fracture (voronoi).

    Thank's Good idea.looks good.. It's better to solve the problem this way.
  12. problem with my fracture (voronoi).

    it's a google model from sketchup convert with maya to obj..
  13. problem with my fracture (voronoi).

    Hi I"m sorry here is the scene again and the Obj - just to make shore. Thanks'. structure_01.hip Part1.obj.zip
  14. problem with my fracture (voronoi).

    Yes sure. Thank you! structure_01.hip
  15. Hello. I have a Problem when I'm adding voronoifracture to my network my model looks corrupted.. (2 images is attached) Maybe because the model is with Triangles ?? its an obj model. By the way what is the best way to make an explosion of this structure? Thank you.