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  1. hey... I had an idea of directly fitting in the whitewater source via a sop solver in dops as a post solve, is this possible? I have tried it. but with no luck, also by applying a compress fluid. before Im gonna send scenes Im just wondering. And about the experience. was trying to get some more fluids overtime to fill gaps like you would do in a sopsolver in dops thnx
  2. please anyone?
  3. Hi, I try to use a point deform on a emitter but cant get my head arround it. It get weird spiked geometry or all points go to the center saw some example files but thats all with a single mesh or a single object per frame Im trying to emit 10 variants. Does anyone have some example file? THANK YOU
  4. group similar objects?

    Hi, Is there a quick way to group similar objects? Lets say I have a scene where I want to group all the screws on a object but the object was from a client where everything is combined as one mesh. Thnx in advance!
  5. Depth of Field in viewport display?

  6. Depth of Field in viewport display?

    Hi does anyone know how to display DOF in the viewport? I know there is some option in flipbook that does this. but how to enable it without flipbooking it? H16.5
  7. Hi, Im new to Arnold for Houdini and was wondering why Heightfields do not render inside Arnold. Do I realy need to convert them? Also packet primitives doesnt seems to work. Are there any work arounds if you need to scatter alot of vegetation? Thnx
  8. I have been searching half a day. But I found it. But Since when I can not render geometry if the render flag was somewhere else? Is it the foreach? Is it a hda I allowed to edit?
  9. Does anyone know how to export the geometry from a instance node? I cant just go in and add a alembic rop cause that will export the particles
  10. voronoi look on object

    Hi... i want to use voronoi on for example a sphere...after applied the voronoi i van the round sided sphere shape to be flat. Does anyone know how to accomplice this? also... how do you groyp the boundries of a voronoi fracture in the foreach? cant figure out a way. please an example file if possible thnx alot
  11. Hi guys. I followed the tutorial on procedural rigs and controlling motion by jonah hall but at lesson 10 im stuck... the thing he does gives houdini an error while going to chops.it says time independet or invalid input sop. Even when i open his lesson file i got this same problem. Using h12.5.376
  12. Simulate last frame after crash FlIP Fluids

    Hi, I got alot of crashes with my FlipFluid sim at a cetrain time because Im out of RAM. Is there a way to pick up your lost frame and use that as a initial state to resim from there? Whats the best workflow? There's also one thing i dont realy understand exactly.. Why is the data getting bigger and bigger? It just save's point position and v data right? particle count stays the same, no reseeding also.. so whats makes the files go bigger then? Help would realy be appriciated! thnx alot!
  13. Unwanted slomo effect bullet?

    Hi, I just was testing some wood splintering and clustering. Can anyone tell me why im getting this little slomo effect like the movie "Immortals"? Looks cool but not what i want fps is 25, standard gravity 9.81 seems to be fine. dopnet subframe standard: 1. bullet subframes standard: 10 / 10 interations All i did was some -fracturing based on clusters and -added some cone constraint between the clusters. thnx
  14. Unwanted slomo effect bullet?

    Thnx!!! that did the trick!!! does anyone also know a way to keep every fracture hold like a glue before a hit? The cone tiwst constraint seems to hold it but doesnt keep its shape But if i use a glue (even at a strength of 0.001) in conjunction with a cone it losses its bend factor (is over ruled by the glue On or Off) and my ball with a very high density doesnt even go through my object but bounces back
  15. Unwanted slomo effect bullet?

    sure! Here you go woodSplintering_005-ForUpload.hip
  16. POP rotation along crossproducts

    Hi.. Im doing two crossproduct that defines my rotation by distance based on its pscale. Now I wonder why my orient is not taking my vector correctly if i view its axis it seems to be fine. Anyone who can have a quick look? Thnx POP_Rotation_AlongCrossproduct.hip
  17. POP rotation along crossproducts

    I finaly fixed it. I had my crossproduct in a wrong order in my float to matrix 3. POP_Rotation_AlongCrossproduct_FIX.hip
  18. POP rotation along crossproducts

    Hi. what i try to do with my crossproduct is to define my rotation axis along my vel-dir. So if it was a carwheel. It should rotate along the x axis with the amount based on its pscale multiplied by PI Multiply by 360 degrees etc... so it should roll instead of wobbling.
  19. Hi. Im trying to do a fracture and make some glue constraint but the problem im havin is that the glue adjunct pieces doesnt work inside my foreach. Please help! Thnx see attachment! ForEachConnectAdjunctPieces.hip
  20. connect adjuct pieces doesnt work in foreach

    Can you show me an easy example?
  21. connect adjuct pieces doesnt work in foreach

    Hi Pradeep, Well. I didnt need single pieced clusters as one object... therefore i cant use te bullet sop. In the the voronoi sop inside the node its deleting the attribute __piece which i now bypassed by renaming. So i did made a glue constraint based on the attribute in the foreach which glued al my pieces that where showing the same clusters as in the voronoi fracture node.
  22. connect adjuct pieces doesnt work in foreach

    Hi, The reason i used the foreach is to create a glue by cluster atrribute. See attachment. I already found the answer. The for each doesnt always update untill you hit the green feedback checkerbox.
  23. Resize Normalized object

    Hi im having a problem. Im trying making a Digital Asset. -First a object is proportional normalized to the grid unit of 1. -Later on no matter what effect / scale, it sets everything back to the normal postition. This all go's fine but after normalized at the beginning its off in the Y axis for 0.008 units below the grid. Ofcourse i can move it up but i want to know what im doing wrong and i cant figure it out. (and keep it procedural) here is mij transform code(X,Y,Z): 1/if($SIZEZ > if($SIZEX > $SIZEY, $SIZEX,$SIZEY),$SIZEZ, if($SIZEX > $SIZEY, $SIZEX,$SIZEY)) (and there is my sample file with notes) i would love to hear what the reason is. its in the first transform of the node tree THNX ALOT!!!! Normalize_And_Back.hip
  24. Resize Normalized object

    thnx... Yes i knew that but i was wondering why after normalized its off 0,008 units based on your geometry-IN It should have a max bound of 1 which means i have to travel it 0.5 on Y-axis
  25. digital asset grayed out

    Hi... Here some silly question. I'm building a digital asset but after clicking accept i was forgotten something. So i went back but now all my parameters are greyed out. How to edit them again? thnx