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  1. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    It would be good to see updates to old sdf RBD solver. But since in Houdini 15 there are no RBD Glue object and RBD fractured object "losed" it Proxy Volume and Volume sample feature it will be replaced or completely abandoned
  2. Hi Adam. Perhaps this solution works for your's task. P\s\ so you want to switch from Max ? Shrink_points.hipnc
  3. You can build in Houdini own Rayfire or better tool for fragmenting but RBD speed is different story For me Houdini not acceptable for classic destructive modeling but for any other areas it can be very good.
  4. VDB Recursive Fracture

    Nice work!
  5. Maya Splash Screen

    Softimage splash looks unsuccessful in sense meaning
  6. Thanks Tomas. You right, in findattribval node function call without last argument (i forgot that it's possible to view VEX code). Seems it cause to return first match id like you say. But anyway it can be more precisely pointed what it return in Help. P/s/ There are no definition of "findattribval" function in the VEX help reference.
  7. Hi. There are series of nodes in Vop Sop: -findattribvalindex - return a element id while you point an index; - findattribvalcount - return a count of elements that have the attribute value match to desired( i don't get why it's output called elemId); - findattribval - and what this node return ?? Here a simple example. Count of red prims - 6. findattribvalcount return - 6 Ok findattribvalindex - if you scrub the index slider return 0,1,2,3,4,5 - all prims numbers - Ok findattribval - ?? jb_findByAttrval.hipnc
  8. What about speed comparison - i think it may work slower then in Houdini itself?
  9. Big News Next week!

    Nice. I wrote it at #21 post. Bad there are no gift for who guessed:( Something similar approach Ephere and fabric engine working also .
  10. Big News Next week!

    1.There are a Coden framework with what user can write a plugin that work in all 3d packages.So it can be the same thing - direct connect to another app. 2.Or if "Lab" name have a sense it maybe a low level Library of tools and user's have access to them - so anybody can do a tool that all want. But this tools have a Cloud based solution - web access. 3.Another approach is voting system - if SESI do something, people votes, like they this or not, and say how they see this feature. In this case developer go on "democracy" style and gets ideas for free.
  11. Big News Next week!

    Perhaps SideFX interns in labs will resurect Harry Houdini from the dead?