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  1. Hair Bake

    Hello everyone. I am trying to bake my hairs into cards and I am facing some problems. I create the cards, base on the clumpid Attrib and I move my uvs from 2d to 3d space, but know I am facing the problem to match my 3d hair to the uvs to bake... ( I follow the Ntagma Knitting tut that makes something near but in a reverse way). I tried with primuv function but dosen't work... I will really appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction( attached file). Furry_ball_07.hiplc
  2. Hello everyone. I am trying to follow the gdc 2017 talk about hair game creation and I can´t find the way to isolate the three curves that belongs to each primitive inside a for each loop. In side the for each loop I have the primitive and in the talk he create and attribute call curve id and in base to this attribute blasted each line that belongs to the primitive with a point expression. If someone could help will be really appreciated. Thank in advance. Isolate_curves_foreach.hiplc
  3. Pose reader

    Thank´s a lot works perfectly . but i have one more question. How i can promote the attribute angle created into a parameter to be able to drive one blend shape for example. Thanks for the help
  4. Pose reader

    Hallo everyone. I´m trying to make a pose reader like in maya (attached link) but i have a lot of doubts about it and i don't know exactly how continue.... It would be marvellous if some one can help to achieve the correct result. Thanks community. posereader.hip
  5. bones rotations

    Hi everyone I´m pretty new in Houdini... I´m trying to make a simple rigging with some boxes and one chain of bones with inverse Kinematics. But when the solver is placed i lost the rotations in each bone i can manipulate the chain only with the goal created with the inverse kinematics. Anyone Can help me??? How I can add rotations to the bones,?... can i add two kinematic solvers in the same bone?? thanks