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  1. Render time burn-in

    I would be surprised if it was a Nuke thing. I questioned myself about EXR's metadata capabilities, but thinking back now I believe I've embedded FoV data and such in the past. Looking at the pdf you posted I would think you could use the text type to store metadata. Using metadata is quite fantastic coming to think of it. All sorts of camera data could be embedded, such as focal lengt, film back size, distortion etc.
  2. Render time burn-in

    Looking at an EXR in nuke there is plenty of metadata, so i think it is possible? exr/comment could be a place to put it. I wonder if hwatermark is advanced enough to do the trick.
  3. Render time burn-in

    For my purposes I can live with the clamping, but it is indeed unfortunate. Is there any way to add the data as metadata instead?
  4. Render time burn-in

    Thanks Szymon, works like a charm!
  5. Render time burn-in

    Yes, you are correct. But that's simple math to do
  6. Render time burn-in

    That's an interesting approach, should be possible to add all the pixel values together with COP -> CHOP and divide by the number of buckets. Sure, raising the verbosity level gives the time in the terminal but that's not very useful when you render out a lot of wedges. How do you pair the time value with the correct image? Sure, by simply sorting the files by when they were last edited I can see how many minutes it took to create, but it's not really accurate. I'm a little surprised that a render time variable isn't available?
  7. Render time burn-in

    I've just realized that Apprentice can't generate disk files and therefore I can't use Hqueue :-/
  8. Render time burn-in

    I'm rendering on a workstation, and I can use the render scheduler to see the render times. But I'm right now testing out the wedge ROP and it becomes hard to pair times to images pretty quickly. That's why I would ask for a burn-in. I've gotta look into hqueue and test that out as well. Currently i'm using the hwatermark program to do the burn-in, but I guess there isn't a variable for last rendered frame available in a GUI session. I'm aware of that I can see times in the terminal when rendering, but I don't know if I can extract that information easily.
  9. I'm trying to burn in the time it took to render a frame, or possibly have it added as meta data. I wonder, could this be accomplished with a post frame script? What does such a script look like? Cheers, Elias
  10. That makes a lot of sense! Thanks Pavel!
  11. Opens fine for me, running the latest stable build 12.5.469
  12. Hi gang, I'm trying to assign different diffuse colors on geometry level instead of having a shader per object. But when I change from using baseColor on the mantrasurface to using point color (and no base color) I get very weak speculars. I've looked around in the shader but I can't make sense of this, what am I missing? base_vs_point_color.hipnc
  13. Yeah the solid shelf seems new to me. Not sure what to expect from it though. It's interesting that they would have a separate parameter for "Display as Subdivision in Viewport", would it not make sense to use the "Polygon as Subdivision" toggle that's already on the geometry node? Maybe it will change in the public release. I guess this is only a viewport thing, but what if SOPs could operate on the limit surface instead of the cage mesh. A simple example would be a coarse grid with a mountain SOP that you could accurately scatter points on without having to use a normal subdivide SOP. Less primitives, faster interaction.
  14. Multi input HDA

    Okay, I see. I want to connect maybe 100 connections to a switch node, the problem is just that it's nested in a subnet. So having 10+ inputs wouldn't be optimal.
  15. Multi input HDA

    What I want is to be able to have two inputs on my HDA. Both accepting multiple connections. A switch node have one port but accepts an arbitrary number of connections, so does the merge node. If I collapse a switch into an HDA the multi inputs capabilities are lost, I wonder if I can keep the functionality.