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  1. Houdini Pranks

    About linux, some things we tried at work, very annoying : Do a loop, and reduce the gamma very very slowly, by small value every second. The screen becomes darker and darker... Slow down/speed up the mouse speed. Tremendous. I think you can also inverse the mouse directions. Beep. send a lot of beeps on other computers. Spamming other's computers with a lot of popup (like xeyes, or "tasteful" pictures... ) Changing aliases (adding like 10 beeps, each time you open a new console...). etc About Houdini, I think you can also replace the "default" geometry, when you create a new file node. Replace the cube by a less politically correct mesh .
  2. Point expression function return string

    Use points() instead of point() to get a string value. points(surface_node, point_number, attribute)
  3. BSDF type and image plane

    Well, the "indirect_reflect" preset is working just because there's a indirect_reflect parameter node in the shader (surfaceModel>indirect_reflect). So if you want to have the reflection only for a specific shader, you just have to add another parameter next to the already existing "indirect_reflect" parameter node, and name it differently. You specify this name as VEX variable in the mantra node, and it will works, no extra render time for me. And yes, I'm Marc Si tu passes par IMG, viens nous faire coucou aux VFX !
  4. BSDF type and image plane

    I've made a simple example in the scene attached above. In the vopmaterial1 shader, I've connected my bsdf output from the surfaceModel node to a direct Lighting node, and then plugged the reflect vector output to a "test" parameter.
  5. BSDF type and image plane

    Hey monsieur Mouillet, guess who I am ? If you want to isolate the different shading components from a bsdf input, you can also use a "direct lighting" node. It will separate your bsdf input into different vectors for diffuse, reflect, refract, etc, then you will be able to plug each of them in a parameter node. But if you're using a mantra surface shader, you can also get the separate shading components using the Images planes presets, "direct_reflect", "indirect_reflect", etc will work in PBR as well. test.hip
  6. Already posted on sidefx board, didn't get any answer, so... : Has anyone ever succeeded in using the "Crop Mask" parameter on a camera ? There's no help about it, I suppose you just have to mention the object around which the crop should be done, but it doesn't work for me, I always get an error (in Houdini 12.5.427). Thanks,