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  1. fence destruction - joint system

    Doing it just to visualize it but its definitely not required. It really is more useful when I need to art direct the fracturing on things with many more pieces etc and I just want to visualize activation in the lightest way possible. tottman1: I just happen to like this method as it's really quick to change fracture areas and you can have your impact object ( if you have one ) do an attrib transfer of active on to your packed prims from it to speed up sim times so it only will sim what gets touched by the animated collider etc. nico
  2. fence destruction - joint system

    Took a look at your scene and noticed how you were setting the active value. I always thought the Active Value node mainly worked for the RBD solver, but either way I controlled it via popwrangle and it seems to be working that way. You can see the updated nodes have been netboxed in blue with sticky notes too. Hope that helps! Nico bullet_voronoi_clusters_setup_wrangle.hipnc
  3. ground piece coming from crash

    Nice render! Are you asking how to get the small debri to respond to the deforming ground? Not 100% sure what you're asking. - cheers!
  4. inflatable wind sock

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHxi-HSgNPc&nohtml5=False "There's so much beauty in the world..." Great setup!
  5. Conform White Water to Flat Tank Displaced Mesh

    In regards to deforming the white water: Try putting your foam particles through the same deformer that you're using for you're main ocean surface and see if that works.
  6. I'm not 100% sure this will help but I'd recommend just applying the same ocean wave deformer to your finalized flip surface. That's how I've done it in the past. You can also apply the deformer to the whitewater passes. Cheers! nico
  7. looking for a water splash tutorial

    Here's a pretty good tutorial to start with : https://cmivfx.com/store/601-houdini+fluid+dynamic+pipelines Cheers! also you can post your progress and hip's and people can better help you.
  8. hair spray sim - tips&tricks

    I think he mentioned making the effect that shows before the before, aka the misty advected bit.
  9. hair spray sim - tips&tricks

    Or have a low res smoke sim and advect a ton of particles through it with popadvect to get some nice quick little eddys / vorticle like curls.
  10. Flip rigid body interaction and creation frame

    Hey Chiu, Under your rigidbodysolver node at the way top under solver engine try switching it over to RBD, you should see a difference. I think you yours may be set to bullet. Cheers, Nico
  11. Flip rigid body interaction and creation frame

    Not sure this is what you're looking for: If you're looking for RBD's interacting with flip, one way would be to dive into your dop and changing the "Feedback Scale" on the flip solver under Volume Motion --> Solver. It defaults to 0, so the rbd won't be affected by the flip fluid, change that and see if that helps Cheers! nico
  12. Is it beneficial to build custom solvers?

    I agree. I think of it as having just more specific tools in your garage. You probably won't need it everytime but knowing there's more options to problem solve with is always a plus in my book.
  13. It will be much easier if you include a hip file, I'd check your box geo's actual collision geo.
  14. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/shelf/splashtank I think you're looking for this.
  15. PyroFx, or fumefx for a project?

    TP's great but the entire system being nodes from the ground up and under the hood has worked out better logically in my brain when it comes to mapping out effects now. I'm still fighting the urge to set up systems like how I did in Maya / TP. The last thing I was using before buying houdini was XSI's ICE which is all node based practically. Finally I decided if I was going to do home freelance FX then it was a no brainer with Houdini's system and the infinite render nodes which turns all my computers around the house into nodes for freelance work etc.
  16. PyroFx, or fumefx for a project?

    3Delight is even free too, well they used to give out 1 free render node not sure anymore. or go here https://home.otoy.com/and click on run demo on the right side, let it load and cry when you see how fast the GPU renders volumes. Albiet gpu volume rendering is only supported in the standalone now through exported vdbs. But when they update the houdini plugin to Octane 3 we can be more excited. In terms of simulation I went houdini and I'm never looking back, and thats even after digging into TP for Max which is incredibly powerful. The fact Mantra is provided free and includes unlimited render nodes just sealed the deal for me I would keep that in mind with your project whereas arnold and vray are probably per node costs, and not cheap at that.
  17. The deforming collider is on the actual rigid bodies shelf, my apologies I really can't understand the translation so well.
  18. Maybe try the deforming object shelf tool then go in on the dop's and find the new node it creates and click off deforming. Maybe post the hip as it makes it much easier to see whats going on. also try visualizing the collisions under the visualization tab on the flip solver itself.
  19. Soccer Cell

    Looks really nice! Mind sharing any of the render times? I'm stuck between redshift or octane atm.
  20. CarClaw Making Of

    Wow I would expect more comments! I love it! deforming cars has always been a pain to do. Great job man!
  21. Bend and Break (post) Solver

    Well, no sleep tonight. Awesome as always Pavel!
  22. Your flip sim isn't bad, but it definitely looks like the bridge isn't colliding. How are you sourcing the collision?
  23. So many ways to do this but here's some ideas as I'm still moving over to Houdini and learning more everyday and I still really have no clue to what your final look requires. You could try getting your basic motion and main large bodies done via keyframe and or via sops then emit flip around that geometry. Which may work. Or you could try amping up the beach example to see what crazy results you can get through straight sims. I'm sure other users can help out more if we can see what look you really need.
  24. Grains to C4D (alembic)

    I'm guessing if you used the shelf tool it should have created a geo object named "grain_particles" Just go in there, and write out the dopimport. You may want to attribdel the sprite information before the ROP if you just want the particles in the viewport. ( spriteshop spriteuv )
  25. Volume deform tool

    Pretty sweet setup, I'm having a blast seeing what it works with and what breaks it Impressive!