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  1. Ok......thanks again guys ---my fault as I expected. I unistalled and reinstalled making sure was in root (thanks substep) and boom its all good. Rich
  2. substep-- Sorry for delay had no had chance to retry all this again. But -----OK sesinetd is not running in my all processes. So I guess that is something I need to get working as well.........I will poke around a little bit some more here and have to reviews edwards link info as well.... Thanks for trying to help. rich
  3. Thanks guys-- and yes I am right now just trying to get the free version up and running. I am sureit is something I may be missing someplace in my process but since linux is very very new for me ---I would not know if it hit me in the head. I will read some of the docs edward provided and see if I cannot get this to work. Smiles.
  4. So first off ---I barely know what I am doing with Linux Mint but wanted to try it out and learn . So I have mananged to download Houdini 13 and extract it and run the setup . The terminal then says that --The Houdini environment has been initialized. ----I then have typed houdinifx , and then I see the license server dialog box say connecting to the license server but then I get a error box saying Houdini License Adminstrator ----cannot connect to license server on dadioL (my named one). So one thought I had was I needed to run the sesinetd.install as well and when I tried in the terminal the terminal imediately closed and I do not know what or if anything occured. When i tried to look into the server information Everyting is x'd out ---server not running, cannot issuer license to this machine etc . and so any help would be very appreciated ----and again am a linux newbie so keep that in mind if you think you can help ----Im threading water with all this ... smiles. Rich
  5. The Houdini Boutique - T-shirts and Hoodies

    Yes---These are really cool. Right now trying to figure out to decide ---teeshirt or hoodie? ...mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. Introducing Orbolt™ Smart 3D Assets

    My take on this asset site is ---it seems a lot of how it ends up is up to the community and the creators choices they make . Its a marketplace. If folks want to put this or that up for free then can . Charge they can. Lock then can or not. buyers can ignore or buy depending on their appetite for the cost. So I think we will get what we want in the end but it may take a while to get to that point. Rich
  7. 2012 Houdini Demo Reel now Online!

    Very amazing stuff.........its always fun during the year seeing some special effects and wondering -----did they use houdini for that? Seems like a lot of the time the answer was yes.
  8. GTX 670 4gb vram GPU

    MAlexander- Wow---ok --I am not going to say I understood all of that but I think I get the big picture and your explanation---thank you. So it seems for GL stuff the 670 or 680 will make you a little more happy but for cl you might not be getting all the juice you might have thought. That said --it does seem like this particular gpu overall should in theory a nice GPU for houdini but maybe not as awesome as one might have expected. And seems then if open gl is more important its good to get but if CL is more important maybe sticking with a lower cost 570 or 580 might be more value.
  9. GTX 670 4gb vram GPU

    Oh...I see ---so are you saying you think then that the GTX 580 or 570 would react better in houdini overall then. It seems that open gl niceness is handy for building scenes and navigating but then Are you saying the 600's would not be as fast to help with pyro stuff calculations/rendering ? Considering the cuda cores are more than 3x times the amount in the 600's that seemed surprising. Rich
  10. GTX 670 4gb vram GPU

  11. GTX 670 4gb vram GPU

    Yes from a few searches here and there-- I think that folks are relatively happy with the GTX 570 , or GTX 580 with houdini----- that's why am curious with the GTX 670 or 680 models especially with 4gb vram. I saw one post somewhere who seem to indicate that the GTX 600 series although extremely more powerful then the 570 or 580 the Open GL was worse then 570 or 580.
  12. GTX 670 4gb vram GPU

  13. GTX 670 4gb vram GPU

    So this GPU card has alot of bang and vram for the buck and was wondering if anyone yet has tried one of these with Houdini. I know it would not be used for production as is not supported per se but as a hobbyist this much vram and cuda cores would be exhorbantant in a workstation card. Yet would seem to be pretty useful for some simulations in Houdini. (Not to mention one kick butt gaming card) Rich