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  1. Hi I just want to confirm if my understanding is correct. Basically in a simply scene like this. Two object hard constraint together with two anchors in between. When constraint_type = "position", only one anchor should rotate. Simply because only two object involved, if they are constraint by one line, they should rotation around one point. If we want to achieve effect of box rotate around two anchors, there has to be a third object in between. Otherwise there will only be one anchor rotate. The other one will never rotate in constraint_type = "position" mode. I'm not sure my understanding is correct, can someone confirm this? Thank you.
  2. Hi I been playing houdini constraint recently. I find the behaver of bullet hard constraint is not very easy to predict, especially combined with condof, condir, position, rotation and angular motor. I have an simple file as an example. One box hard constraint to world space. Using one wrangle node with s@constraint_typle = "all". it works as expected. Box stay there. When I split constraint with position and rotation. Give them all condof = 3. Ideally it should be act same as the last one stay there (I assume), but box start to fall. I tried constraint force mixing and error reduction parameter it can improve but I'm not sure I should do that since this is super simple setup shouldn't use too much tweak. File:hard_constratin_question.hip I'm working on pretty complicate rigid constraint setup I need to fully understand the bullet constraint behaver. Really appreciate the help. I also want to ask is rbd constraint the better way for complicated rigid body constraint with lots gear and mechanical parts and vellums. Thanks