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  1. vdb mesh culling?

    1. plug a bounding geo into the 2nd input of a group node. 2. on the group node, go to bounding tab > enable > bounding object. Make sure to specify primitive / points selection. You can cache practically everything as .bgeo format, as long as they belong to the sops level.
  2. set active rigid bodies with an expression

    You just need to put your "i@active = value;" expression in a popwrangle instead of sop solver. Here's where I posted an example, just in case... http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22601-help-with-packed-primitives-emission-sop-solver-strange-behaviour/
  3. I'm guessing you must be using Houdini 14, because when I try to load your hip in H13 the translation looks slightly odd and made me confuse. But here's how to do just that. glue_network.hipnc
  4. vdb mesh culling?

    Might this be what you're looking for? I'm not totally sure what are you trying to achieve, but animating mask object to delete points should be doable. delete_points_animated.hipnc
  5. Hi! Can you please post a simplified hip file to make it easier for someone to help you. Also please link your file paths with $HIP as much as you can, so links don't get broken when the file is transferred onto another computer. I looked into your hip file and 1 thing for sure is that you have an attribute name typo in your attrinwrangle sop in constraint network. If you look at details view, you can see the "v_piece_strength" attribute got lost after connect adjacent pieces. You can transfer that primitive attribute back with an attribtransfer sop and you should get your strength up to 100 if done correctly. Keep the transfer value very small tho, around 0.02, to see the difference.
  6. vdb mesh culling?

    Here's another example of multiple ways to cull points before meshing. delete_points.hipnc
  7. vdb mesh culling?

    Maybe I did not understand your question fully, but why not just delete by expression $TY<1? Or group with bounding object and delete grouped points? Or color transfer attribute from geo and delete $CR==1? Since points get deleted before the meshing process, there is no unnecessary calculation for those unwanted points.
  8. Car Headlights Render

    Old school thank you so much for your time and effort to go through all these explanations. For sure rendering realistic lights is going to be my next big thing now. I was doing a shot for my showreel and was not able to render good looking lights in close up, so I decided to pull the camera back further and got this: https://vimeo.com/76943241 (the first shot). Light geometries were rendered with 2 glow shaders each (1 full intensity for bulb, and lighter glow for lens). Cheers!
  9. Hi, I am a recent VFX graduate from Vanarts located in Vancouver, currently looking for a FX related job within Canada. Here's a link to my latest showreel: https://vimeo.com/76943241 Thanks!
  10. Timeblend problem

    I was supposed to retime an animation on alembic scene from maya, but I'm glad I'm finally able to do so with the latest build. Cheers!
  11. Hi guys, Is timeblend not working? I just made a very simple animation and tried to stretch it with timewarp and timeblend, but I couldn't get values in between frames. Tested on 12.5.427 and 469. Timeblend_NotWorking.hipnc
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying to render car headlights in Houdini. Below is a test render image of my scene, I applied glow shader for the geometry and spotlights attached to the position of the source. And this link here (http://www.dmmultime.../3dtips_04c.htm) is really how I want my lights to look like. I really like the way how glare and glow work so well in that scene. Does anyone care to show me how, or where can I learn how to render realistic car headlights? Thanks
  13. FBX crashes Houdini

    I just figured out that if I use alembic, I have to load as Houdini Geometry and disable poly soup primitives.
  14. I'll definitely look into that, thanks for your advice!
  15. Hi everyone, I've been unable to get my scene setup out from Maya 2014 to Houdini with fbx export. Just for testing, I tried to export a scene consisting of one single cube with simple animation, into Houdini 12.5.427 and 469 using fbx export. Houdini crashes everytime once I hit the "import" button. With alembic, the point numbers display "0" on every points. While I middle mouse click on my geometries (also in details view), it shows I have only 1 point, when I have an entire scene setup with whole lots of points.