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  1. Hi friends, I've been searching for this for a while but have come up empty handed. Is there a way to create a collision detection (frame) attribute for flip fluids. I am currently developing a splash element that requires the colliding particles to emit smaller splashes upon collision similar to what you see in this clip. The kicker is, I am doing this without a tank and hence cannot use something along the lines of a crown splash. I plan on taking the frame the flip particles collide with a surface, and copy stamp instance geo to those points and then emit through another flip sim. It sounds complicated and it has become so as the element takes shape. I would attach a file but the project is under non disclosure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Deform Groom curve stretching

    It looks like Marty's setup was the key to the problem. The GroomOnly.hiplc clued me into that to have the sim behave properly is to set up an animated mesh normally with a groom deform. Then apply the sim. Asside from the occasional jump in hair length on certain areas, which im pretty sure is a substep thing, the jitter is gone. From my understanding the sim drives the deform which then drives the groom. EDIT: if you know of a way to prevent random long groom curves I would love to hear it. Everything works well save a patch that all of a sudden becomes very long for one frame then reverts back to normal.
  3. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Been a week with no real success. Ive had to go over everything with a fine comb and im at a point of rebuilding a sim from scratch. Using just an rbd cube and the shelf tools I have build a simming object that works well and is fairly quick. My real question at this point is, when using a custom groom guide with multiple rbd objects, do you need a deform in your network to prevent jitters or breaking sims?
  4. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Yes, im using a guild collision sop with a vdb of a walk cycle.
  5. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Turns out that the issue is the collision object used to press the hair system down. Removing it fixes the odd stringy grass shapes but doesnt negate the fact that the collider is needed. Im just not sure what needs to be done. It seems that the collider in question only affects one point on each of the guides and usually sets the single point to a 90 degree angle which then messes up the groom.
  6. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Thats pretty much what is happening. I am unsure where mass and substeps are. Ive been having to build the setup from scratch aat times and I dont seem to see a mass or substep attribute. EDIT: A colleague also noted that we are using a deform not a simulate hair so mass and substeps are not available.
  7. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Hi Odforcers, Im working on a project where I have to tear up a lawn using bullet rbd's and hair to generate grass. Ive come into a problem, or maybe a bug where the grass in the deforming rbd patches becomes very long either when moving through space, or even at rest. I cant seem to find any other topic where this has happened before. Has anybody encountered this kind of problem with H16's hair and deform groom? Any incite would be appreciated. Id love to attach a screen shot however the content is under NDA. All I can say is imagine a bunch of curves spidering out from underneath a few selected skin patches. Cheers!
  8. Just like the title says. Is there a way to add sub surface scattering to the new hair shaders in Houdini 16.
  9. Hair Shader layer promotion

    Hi Odforce FXers, Has anybody dealt with the houdini 16 hair shader (not hair shader core). Is there a way to promote the layer parameter in the shader so I can have the option to mix in a second hair shader. The current shader, when I dive in to the node, has the layer attribute discontinue after it is output from the hairshadercore node into the compute lighting. If I attempt to promote it, the layer comes out as an error. Thanks.
  10. Divergent noise

    As the title suggests. Im trying to achieve a diverging noise pattern in a cone shaped volume for a project I am working on. As far as I know, this effect is not possible but I have been proven wrong before. Can the example images I added be accomplished? Points or volumes, it doesnt matter, as long as I am able to have the noise diverge in the direction of the cone width. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. DOP POP curl noise question

    Would you have a working file I could take a look at. I have attempted to set up a point deform on my vdb mesh however the vdb polys do not line up with the original poly mesh
  12. DOP POP curl noise question

    The object I am emitting from is a polygon surface converted from a vdb as the original geo is garbage. Is there a way to set a rest on an object with a changing point count?
  13. DOP POP curl noise question

    The curl noise needs to be driven through a particle dop network. Your file makes sense for a sop object
  14. DOP POP curl noise question

    Is there a way to freeze the transforms of a curl noise in a DOP popvop? I am running a point sim and my source emitter object is animated and rotated in world space. When the points emit, the curl noise added to the point position slides. I'm really not sure what to do in the popvop to freeze the curl noise. Ive tried using a popforce, however the curl noise does not seem to create the same shapes that the popvop does. Thanks in advance.
  15. Kill particles with SDF

    Hi everybody, I'm currently working on an effect in H14. I am attempting to have particles die when they collide with an SDF/VDB object. I have been using the collision detect node with the collision target set to DOP objects pointing to my static object collision node. However, it doesn't look like it works. The same collision detect does work with a SOP poly object. Is the collision detect node working with SDF's/VDB's? Cheers.