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  1. Hello, I'm trying to concatenate this channel: ch("linkedname") into this expression: centroid("../geo_triple04/OUT_triple04", D_X) Here's what I've tried, but haven't gotten it to work... centroid("../geo_`ch("linkedname")`/OUT_`ch("linkedname")`", D_X) centroid(strcat(""../geo_", ch("linkedname")+strcat("/OUT_", ch("linkedname")+", D_X) centroid(( ""../geo_" + "`ch("linkedname")`" + "/OUT_" + "`ch("linkedname")`""), D_X) centroid("../geo_" + `ch("linkedname")` + "/OUT_" + `ch("linkedname")`, D_X) Have to replace many pieces of geometry so this could save me hours of time. Thanks in advance!
  2. Wow... That would have been the last thing I checked. Still doesn't make sense to me since they're under different subnets and have different absolute path names... shouldn't be a problem that they have the same name, but it is. Thanks a ton Mangi.
  3. Bundling is a really nice shortcut Dan. Ran into a new problem and that's had me stuck for hours... When I have multiple clouds in my scene, only one renders correctly. I put together 2 files with my clouds; one light linking individual lights and one light linking bundles of lights. You can see each cloud through its respective camera. If I delete the other set of lights not used for that cloud, I get the renders I want: When I link the lights individually or through bundling, cloud02 renders as it should, but cloud01 turns out like this: Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help! -Greg clouds_lightLinking.zip
  4. Oh, didn't know you could light link an entire bundle. That will cut down my workload by 80%... Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I have 10 shots with about 200 clouds altogether and would like each cloud to have its own lighting setup. Lit one perfectly at the origin with 5 lights: 2 bounce lights, sun light, shadow light, and a light inside for multiscattering. I setup all the clouds in position and would like to procedurally light link 5 lights to every cloud. Any idea how I can go about doing this without going into the light linker and linking each cloud? I'm going to keep my original setup and copy all the parameters into the other lights so I can adjust it later to match the lighting of the rest of my scene in Maya. I haven't been able to find anything it. Maybe I'm not being creative enough. Anything will help! Thanks in advance. -Greg
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