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  1. Hi, I am rendering a pass with aovs. the extension names of those aovs are: aovname.red, aovname.green and aovname.blue But the corresponding deep aovs are: aovname.R, aovname.G and aovname.B Does anyone know if it is possible to the same extension names in the deep aovs? And if it is possible, how to do it? Cheers
  2. you could do something like this float x = 3.; vector pos = {0, 0, 0}; int numPoints = 3; for(int i=0; i<numPoints; i++){ addpoint(0, pos); pos.x += x; pos.y += x; pos.z += x; } but if you don't want to generate your points in a loop you could do something like this float x = 3.; int pt0 = addpoint(0, {0,0,0}); vector pos = point(0, "P", pt0); pos.x += x; pos.y += x; pos.z += x; int pt1 = addpoint(0, pos);
  3. did you uncheck the "cache simulation" toggle on your dop network? Having it off helps a lot during sims.
  4. edit, nevermind, looked at the wrong node the debug node is returning the right data
  5. Looking at the documentation, there is an hou.undos module https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/undos
  6. int match = findattribval(1, "point", "id", @id); if(match!=-1) @P = point(1, "P", match); use the findattribval function it does exactly that it returns the first point number with the corresponding value and -1 if it doesn't find it
  7. the "houdini/vex" folder holds the "VEXdso" file used for your dso vex functions
  8. I wouldn't save it in the install folder but in your user directory. ..\Documents\houdini15.5\dso\vex
  9. set your wrangle in detail mode and connect your geo to the second input int prims = nprimitives(1); int count = chi("count"); float seed = clamp(chf("seed"),1E-3, 1E8); for(int i=0; i<count; i++){ float rr = random(prims*i*seed); int prnum = int(rr*prims); float u,v; u = rand(i*seed); v = rand(i*rr*seed); vector pos = primuv(1, "P", prnum, set(u,v,0)); addpoint(0, pos); } just noticed that I wasn't using the correct variable to initialize my for loop It s fixed now ^^
  10. just look for the node type something like that dopnets = [i for i in hou.node("/obj/obj1/").children() if "dopnet" == i.type().name()]
  11. did you create and setup your VEXdso file as well? http://archive.sidefx.com/docs/hdk15.5/_h_d_k__vex_op.html#HDK_VexOp_Installing
  12. another way to copy attributes from another input is to use the "findattribval" function it returns the point number of the given input if it founds it or -1 if it doesn't find. int match = findattribval(1, "point", "name", s@name); if(match!=-1) @P = point(1, "P", match);
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