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  1. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    I got to this page, but the problem was actually a lot simpler than I had imagined. Check what objects you are using as RBDs!! I was using a bunch of little spheres, so obviously these would keep rolling easily. Changing my rbd objects to little boxes largely fixed the issue, but im sure any faceted object would have worked.
  2. Wire Object Collisions - Wires getting caught inside object

    What I believe you should do is give the animation some pre-roll so that the curves aren't penetrating the tiger at the start frame. Then animate the curves into place, so that they collide against the skin as they fall in place. This way there are no penetrations at the start, provided you have a good collision geo.
  3. fur sim issues

    There's a number of things you can do, but I don't know what your values are, so I'll just include some tips. Have target stiffness and target damping at 0 if you are using them. As you increase the linear spring constant to really high values 10000-1000000, track how much it effects your sim. While this is supposed to prevent stretching, it feels like when the values are high enough and the stretching is completely stopped, then the velocity is transferred to the movement of the hairs. Play with the hair mass. Make it a higher value (1000+), to get more movement out of your hairs. Also, self collisions may help as well. Then don't forget to add a little drag.
  4. meshing fractals

    I could look at these pics all day
  5. Tearing metal from bullet sim

    That train sim made me wet
  6. resize fluid container, best approach?

    At the start, your fluid box should start large enough to encompass the entire simulation, then it will bind to the field you specify in the gas field resize fluid dynamic dop. If the entire surface is emitting at frame 40, choose a frame before then where there is a little emission, and use that as your first resize frame - maybe frame 5?
  7. Missile launch in Houdini

    A cheaper way to resolve source stepping without resorting to substeps is having a trail on your source points/surface before the fluid source. This will make the source itself longer, filling in those gaps without the need for substeps. A blend of a trailed source, and some amount of substeps might be necessary, but this should help.
  8. fractal burst

    Looks to me like an L system copied to the points of a sphere which grows generations over time.
  9. Pyro slow motion with animated object

    Or, you can just sim the entire thing at the slower timescale, then control the animation post sim by animating a timeshift. Then you don't need to worry about the physics not lining up as the timescale animates.
  10. Need help on Tornado simulation

    Nice tornado! My main note would be, tornadoes usually have a velocity that travels upwards, as opposed to downwards, like in your sim. Might want to research this a bit more and possibly reverse that direction. Also, adding a little twist to the top clouds would probably help as well. Cheers
  11. Dang Jeff. You are the man
  12. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    I have two recommendations. First, make sure that you have no extra forces in your sim creating a perpetual motion for the shards. Disable all other forces other than gravity. Does the sim come to a stop now? If it does, you are probably adding forces in an incorrect way, creating that perpetual motion. Second, I increased the Angular and Linear Threshold parameters. This increases the speed at which the shards are considered not-moving. This worked best for me.
  13. Spin force for RBD objects

    Thanks for the 3rd input to the RBD solver tip!