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  1. Spiral around mesh

    I've done something similar to that by essentially building a spiral curve that is slightly wider than the mesh, that covers the height of your object. Then use a ray sop with the projection set to minimum distance to get the curve placed on your object. That's how I made this:
  2. How to control Wire solver wires in dops with a ramp

    I'm not 100 sure what you are describing here without a hip file, but you can specify many attributes on the groom before it goes into the sim, such as klinear and kangular, and have them applied according to color/uvs/etc. I'd recommend getting some vellum practice in for hair if possible, since the solver is a lot faster.
  3. Normal wrong direction

    Delete any normals on the geo, then drop down a facet and select post compute normals. This will give you normals radiating out from the center. The facet also have a Reverse Normal option, which will make the normals point towards the center of the object.
  4. How to merge 2 particle fluid surfaces node?

    As bloomendale stated, you should just take 2 point caches and make 1 particle fluid surface out of it. If for some odd reason you are locked into combining two already existing particle fluid surface nodes, then scatter enough points on them and use a third particle fluid surface, the main idea being that unless you surface the points together in a single particle fluid surface, it will never be seamless.
  5. How to reload .sim files

    Ya, thats the wrong workflow. What you need to do is, on the cache tab of the dop network, specify a .sim file path in the Checkpoint File parameter. Make sure to include $SF.sim instead of $F4.bgeo, since we are dealing with simulation frames here. Make sure Save Checkpoints is enabled, then change the Checkpoint Trail length to the length of your sim or longer. After that, as you play the sim, the .sim files will automatically be written out, allowing you to playblast and cache at the same time. Then, when you want to continue the sim, just make sure the last .sim file written is a full file size. Finally, ctrl+click the brain icon, and you should be able to resume the sim.
  6. You can promote the group from outside on the assemble node, and then delete after the assemble. Or, since the assemble turns each object into a single primitive (if you have pack geo enabled), you can drop down a group by range (or probably delete by range for that matter), then delete that group. If you need a random sort for those primitives to make the group random, just drop down a sort, and sort your primitive numbers, then the delete by range should do what u want.
  7. How to reload .sim files

    If you have sim files written out, then they should automatically be written as you play the sim. Then you can stop the sim early, and you can resume from where you left off. The thing you need to check is that the last working sim file is a full size. If you have a partially written file, it will break the reading of the sim files. In that case, you should delete the last broken frame, ctrl+click the brain icon, and then resume the sim - it should resume from the last working sim. If it doesn't, then you have some checkpoint writing settings incorrect. If this still doesn't help you, post a hip file, and I'll see how you are writing it.
  8. Cant see smoke from derbis

    Here, I fixed your file. Lots of things that need to be corrected here. First, you weren't seeing your sim, you were seeing the source of your sim. Second, the bounding box of your sim was way too small, and not even in the right place, so you wouldn't get any smoke even if you tried to sim it. I uploaded the file with the changes. Problem_render_smoke_as_debris.hipnc
  9. Cant see smoke from derbis

    There's a vast number of things that could go wrong from your description. Post a hip file and I'll check it out.
  10. Interrupted Simulations

    .sim files are not a thing with the vellum solver sop. You need to use the vellum dops in a dopnet to have access to writing out .sim files.
  11. There isn't a solution that I know of. You can try writing out .sim files, if you want to be able to cancel and resume a cache, or you can just skip the playblast part, and just click on that frame to sim to that point, then when you get to that frame, you will have a certain number of frames in a temporary cache that you can scrub through, without losing that data, until you go to a point before that cache begins - that cache will be the blue section on the timeline.
  12. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    I got to this page, but the problem was actually a lot simpler than I had imagined. Check what objects you are using as RBDs!! I was using a bunch of little spheres, so obviously these would keep rolling easily. Changing my rbd objects to little boxes largely fixed the issue, but im sure any faceted object would have worked.
  13. Wire Object Collisions - Wires getting caught inside object

    What I believe you should do is give the animation some pre-roll so that the curves aren't penetrating the tiger at the start frame. Then animate the curves into place, so that they collide against the skin as they fall in place. This way there are no penetrations at the start, provided you have a good collision geo.
  14. fur sim issues

    There's a number of things you can do, but I don't know what your values are, so I'll just include some tips. Have target stiffness and target damping at 0 if you are using them. As you increase the linear spring constant to really high values 10000-1000000, track how much it effects your sim. While this is supposed to prevent stretching, it feels like when the values are high enough and the stretching is completely stopped, then the velocity is transferred to the movement of the hairs. Play with the hair mass. Make it a higher value (1000+), to get more movement out of your hairs. Also, self collisions may help as well. Then don't forget to add a little drag.
  15. meshing fractals

    I could look at these pics all day