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  1. How to shatter animated objects?

    Unfortunately what you are trying to accomplish isn't as easy as that. You need to switch between animated and deforming shards. I'd check out this video:
  2. Issue with trail sop velocities

    Hey there, so I opened your hip, and a couple things I'd suggest. First, when posting about a problem, create an extremely simplified version of the problem and see if you can recreate it. That is what you should be uploading here, not your whole project file with millions of dependencies we don't have. We are most likely not going to re-build your hip, and if it has a cache as a dependency, it better be a simple one. Also, Id suggest leading people to the problem you are experiencing, within the hip file, with notes. Without that, people might just stumble around. No one wants to go on randomly looking for something that isn't easy to find. So try and re-create the problem in a simple scene, and re-post, and Ill def check it out for ya.
  3. Issue with trail sop velocities

    Post a hip plz
  4. Flip level goes down

    Conservation of volume is a classic issue for flip sims. Usually you counter that by reseeding enough particles to keep the divergence of the simulation at 0.
  5. Double surface on meshing

    Try changing the rebuild sdf parameter to NONE on the particle fluid surface node. You can also try to turn on limit refinement, and leave it at zero. Second, turn off rebuild sdf.
  6. One thing you can do is add a lot of noise to the entire geometry of the fractured pieces, including the edges, then switch between the active shards and inactive shards, so that you keep the active shards that have the displacement, and the inactive ones that don't.
  7. Offset the time in an FBX animation

    You can just use a timeshift and key the frame numbers for the start and end of the range you want. If I were you, Id shift+click on the keyed parameter after and change the interpolation to linear, so that you have an accurate retime.
  8. Distribute particles more evenly?

    If you want to emit an even amount in every direction at the same time, you must source from all points on the surface, and not use a noise as the velocity field. If you make a velocity field out of the normal direction you get from a facet sop set to Post Compute Normal, then you will get an outwards direction. Right now, since you have noise as what is causing your velocity, there will be parts that naturally move around the object, as opposed to uniformly outwards from the center.
  9. Ocean not the same of the sim

    I believe it is because the way that works is it inherits velocity from the ocean spectrum, therefore the waves will never be one to one. You can try adding a single wave into a flat tank, and you will see the same thing. There will always be a difference between the visualization of the wave on the grid, and how high the actual wave gets. If someone else knows a better way to work around this, Id like to hear as well
  10. Keeping RBD pieces from falling off

    Made some changes. The soft constraints aren't getting you any thing. Increase the strength of the glue constraints, and I added some collision geometry on the sides of your RBD to keep things in place. Also, you are shooting yourself in the foot by having your text start that high up. Just let it start barely above the ground and just settle a bit. Scene01.04.hiplcScene01.04.hiplc
  11. Thank you for everything that you do Jeff!!
  12. HELP!! import vdb to houdini

    I don't know about the tool you are describing, but .vdb files can be read with a file sop. Just drop a volume visualization and preview the appropriate fields, otherwise it will look like a box of smoke.
  13. smoke trail render

    I responded to your post on sidefx, but if you used the smoke trail tool, then you are gunna get a smoke sim. Your picture would be a pyro sim.
  14. Plane Smoke Trail

    Ok, now that you cleaned up your file and I can see what you were intending to do, I can give you advice. First, definitely go with a dop simulation. The method you ended up choosing for your smoke was simply converting a particle sim to a volume and rendering it. Because that method completely relies on your construction of the particle sim, it will never look really organic, which is why your best option is to source smoke from something like a disc (think chimney smoke), and make that your trail. Then, you need to work on the control field parameters of the turbulence to get the swirls happening to the smoke at the right time. Look at some reference (even pictures will do), to show you the type of shape you are looking for. Videos will tell you the speed of the swirls you want to get. You can get this working in a simple scene, then parent it onto the location of where the jet-stream should be emitted from, so you don't need to worry about a moving source.
  15. Houdini pyro particles explosion

    If I were you, I'd start experimenting with shelf tools and see how they work. You need to know about the separate parts that go into a simulation, and that's a great way to start. Create a sphere and click on the explosion tool. Look at how fuel and temperature source volumes are created. Once you get a handle on what creates an explosion, then to get the tendrils, you need fuel in the shape of the tendrils to exist. You can do that with a pop sim, but that's still pretty far ahead of where you are at.