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  1. Vellum Scale by Attribute Not Working

    Point groups are definitely allowed on the vellum constraints node... that's how you specify which points are constrained. As far as changing vellum constraints over time, if you use the vellum solver at the sop level, the constraints are only initialized at the first frame. If you want them to animate over time, you either need to use a Vellum Constraint Property Dop node inside of dops, or dive inside of the vellum solver and add it there (but it might have a different name there). See the attached file for an example. VELLUM_ANIMATED_CD_V03.hiplc
  2. This forum post outlines one way: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/51796/ In addition to that, I know there's a way to inherit the uvs into the flip without using the rest field. Couldn't find that post in the time I had, but I'm sure it's on this forum or on sidefx.
  3. Fracturing a baked animation, how?

    You need to fracture the geometry at the rest frame, and then transfer the animation from the baked alembic to the fractured character.
  4. Transfert attribute color from geo to another geo

    You need to add a solver sop and aggregate color over time. Using an expression like this in an attribute wrangle inside the solver. Have the first input to the wrangle be input 1 and the second input be prev_frame. Then use this code: Cd2 = point(1, "Cd", @ptnum); @Cd += Cd2; @Cd = clamp(@Cd, 0, 1);
  5. Shots fired!
  6. Exporting curves from houdini apprentice

    .obj? I don't think apprentice supports abc exporting, so if they are animated, you are not gunna have a good time
  7. Hi there, I replied to your post on sidefx, so I'll just copy my reply here: " If I were you'd I'd create a scene yourself, then post your hip file if you want it to get closer to your reference. People probably aren't going to make files from scratch for you. Lowering the dissipation isn't going to help you. You want your smoke to last for a while. I'd suggest playing with the turbulence settings and use the control field to craft when the noise hits it. Then also play a lot with the initial velocity, and possibly add collision geometry for the cannon so the smoke shoots out in the right shape. Whichever method you choose, seeing your scene will help us give you advice and maybe steer you in the right direction. "
  8. How to make a cool explosion

    Start with something like a sphere. Emit particles from it, shooting out in the shape you want. Copy a sphere with scattered points on it, onto each particle. Have each copied sphere trail, so you end up with a trail of points. That will be your fuel source. The length of the trail of points is the length of fuel you will have. How quickly that fuel dissipates is controlled on the pyro solver. Then play with the cooling rate, turbulence and disturbance to get what you are looking for.
  9. pyro vortex going out of bounds

    Yeah, you need some velocity pushing the smoke inwards. If you don't angle the velocity inwards, it's just going to shoot outwards from the spin. If I were you, I'd set up another velocity field that just sucks the smoke inwards and get that looking good, then add an additional velocity force that adds the radial velocity, and add just enough that the smoke doesn't shoot out too far.
  10. That's odd. Well packing just changes how it is exported. I have run into mismatched attributes causing that kind of error. When you pack the objects, the attributes get stored inside the pack, so that might be why it exports correctly when you pack (it avoids the mismatched attribute problem). This is hypothetical, but I was running into the same issue the last couple days. In my case, I just wrote out the alembics separately. You can see mismatched attributes on the merge, there will be a little warning on it that declares which attributes are mismatched. One test would be wiping all attributes on both objects, merging, and writing them out without packing and see if that works.
  11. I assume that a mismatched attribute that is essential to your network is being overwritten or deleted. The merge should successfully prepare multiple objects for export. When it says bypassing this node causes it to export the first input, they mean disabling the node itself. Since you aren't doing that, I'd suggest trying to write out each part and seeing if that works first.
  12. Weird. I've been running into something similar on my Indie on Steam. Sometimes my render view glitches, and when I click the render button, nothing starts. If I create a new render tab, then it usually fixes itself, but it can happen again. If closing your session and re-opening it doesn't resolve your issue, it might be a little more serious than a simple glitch.
  13. Alembic Path Attribute & Voronoi Fracture

    Post a hip and Ill check it out for ya! Make sure to lock the .abc so we can work with the scene. Thx
  14. Copy To Points/Normals

    On the copy sop, there is a Use Template Point attributes parameter that you need to enable to make sure the attributes are copied from the points onto your copied geo.
  15. Earthquake in Paris

    I feel like a fire coming off Notre Dame would be more realistic