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  1. Whitewater houdini 17

    I have the same problem on windows 10 and H17.5.
  2. Hi! Is there a way to get the name of rendering object in CVEX with Volume Procedural? Like this is done using renderstate? I want to use one CVEX for some objects and change filename parameter in it depending on the object. Now I use shared CVEX from Vopnet with Filename parameter on it, but it have some limitations for me.
  3. Write many files issue

    Houdini installed per node and on the workstations. We almost always use bgeo.sc. It's debian 8 Jessie, on blades, workstations and on the old storage. The newest storage is running scientific linux with custom build. We will check the descriptors limit on the storage, but the descriptors are not limited in my system.
  4. Write many files issue

    LaidlawFX, thanks for the answer. I really think it's software problem. Different storages, different blades. Nuke creates the same load on the storage, but we don't see any data loss. I was hoping that there is a low-level setting in Houdini for writing geometry files.
  5. Hi! I have a strange issue. When I write many files at the same time, some of them breaks. It can be 200-300 files simultaneously size of about 10 Mb, or 70-80 files of 100 Mb - I have the same result: files exists, but 5-10% raise read error in Houdini. They have a normal size or less than normal on the storage. I tried this on the old storage and on the newest storage (with perfect access time, speed, caching etc) - the same result. Houdini 16 behaves just like Houdini 15.5. When I starting write this files, we have write errors on the storage from other software like Nuke or just write files from the OS. Another picture is not observed: when we write hundreds exrs from nuke - there is no file breaks on the storage. This occurs for many months, and I think the reason is in the method of writing files from Houdini. Is there a technology to change the method of writing geometry from Houdini (flags, variables)?
  6. Python Node Placement

    Hi! I have the same question. How can I get HDA position or position where it will be created in OnCreated Event? kwargs['node'].position() returns [0, 0] as expected.
  7. Hi! Is there a way to bake a volume to point cloud during render? I did it for polygons by pcwrite function and by micropoly mantra with uniform measuring (1 point for 1 primitive). But if I do this with any volume shader - pcwrite does not work after pbrlighting node (as part of compute lighting node, and I did pbrlighting manually to get Cf): rendering freezes. I want to get point cloud with Cf color for each voxel.
  8. That's unreal. Naming in, naming out, naming in, naming out...
  9. Catch Mantra Error

    Ok, thank you! I checked script with hython - it works.
  10. Catch Mantra Error

    Ok, I found this way: try: hou.node("/out/mantra1").render((1,1,1)) except hou.Error, ex: print ex.instanceMessage() It works in the python shell, I have not tested it with the hython. But I don't understand this exception (I found it somewhere): except hou.Error, ex "hou.Error, ex" - It's not definition (because of comma). So, what is it?
  11. Catch Mantra Error

    Hi! Is there a way to catch Mantra error in python script? I want to implement something like this: hou.hipFile.load(hipPath) try: hou.node("/out/mantra").render((1, 1, 1)) except error: #launch manta again or something else... hou.hipFile.clear() print "Frame " + str(1) + " was rendered"
  12. Border issue with gradient in gasanalysis

    It is strange, because source volume in SOP level also has repeate border type (and volumegradientfile sample it correctly). Hip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/22z2wccgjbbfhx9/gradient.hipnc It's hard - with locked volume. Now I use two fields: one with repeate border for sample this field out of it's boundary. And the same volume with streak border to calculate the gradient field. But I want to understand why it's happeinig.
  13. Border issue with gradient in gasanalysis

    This artifact appears with border type "repeat" of the source volume (I use sop scalar field to get it from sop). With mode "streak" it's ok, but I need to infinite repeat this volume to use it in the simulation(.
  14. Hi! I want to calculate gradient field in dopnetwork. It works perfect, when I do it in gasFieldVop using volumegradientfile node. But when I do the same gradient using gasAnalysis in gradient mode, I have some artefacts on the border. How can I solve this problem?
  15. add and delete objects in DOP

    Ok, deleting pieces is not problem, but time offset will not work, because each piece will have to be frozen separately. Here is an example. Fracture object's peaces are deleted during the simulation, but they are deleted from the scene also... delete_example.hipnc