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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to control wire solver for hair simulation, I'm facing a problem. "I'm trying to control turbulence on wire based on the ramp" Please guide me if there an easy solution to do this. If there's any sample file or ref hip please guide me. Thanks for all the support, ODFORCE forum
  2. Volume Convolution: VEX & C++ vs OpenCL

    Is there a example file available? Thanks
  3. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    I found a solution a bit of a hack though. Instead of using a new Rbd packed object, i'm adding a collision geom in the same Rbd object and Everything works so smoothly. Please let me know if anyone else given it a try in some other more clean way.
  4. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Hi Pavel Pehlivanov, This setup is really superb, thank you so much for sharing. I have a small question. I tried adding a external animated collision geometry on this setup. instead of using sop solver for generating the collision boxes. but the autofracture_pieces sop solver is removing the collision geometry on frame 2 of the sim. Any one who has knowledge of this setup please help me. I tried different ways to add external geom but not yet successful. Thanks in Advance, Looking forward for awesome odforce members comment
  5. vdb from polygons

    These both node give good result but not exactly the same. Also i tried transferring the Normals back on VDB generated mesh i get same smoothness but the Surface which i tweaked in VDB operations have no normals and look flat
  6. vdb from polygons

    Hi Everyone, While using VDB from polygon, I face a issue related to input geometry smoothness. The issue is that :- My Original geometry has Normal info because of which the geometry looks smooth. But when i convert the geometry into the VDB i don't get any smoothness. please check the attached image, Please tell me how to achieve the smoothness in VDB, I Tried using VDB smooth node but the result don't match with the original input geometry smoothness. Thank you every one in Advance. Prashant
  7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Hi Everyone, The title sequence of this movie has this shot , please see the attached image. Any reference any guide on how to make a setup for getting this type of shapes, will be helpful for me. Thank you everyone, I'm mostly looking for a procedural approach.
  8. set olt scan path in hip file

    Hi thomas Add @/otls to otls scan path HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH=@/otls;&; so when read your HIP file your $HIP path will read the $HIP/otls directory From Houdini docs:- @ Typically expands to the directories on the HOUDINI_PATH. So, if the HOUDINI_PATH is... $HIP $HFS/houdini $HOME/houdini
  9. Shelf tool path info

    Hi Everyone, I created a new shelf, and saved it to a custom path and it works fine asusual. I have a question about this custom shelf. whenever i add a tool inside this custom shelf. by default it is saved to the default location. Is it possible to set in the shelf or some where for saving all the tool inside shelf to the custom location. Thank you, Have a nice day.
  10. Customizing open window

    Thanks for reply Edward. Actually that adds the input path that is absolute. I'm looking for adding variable like $my_custom_path
  11. Hi All, Is there a way to get the custom environment variables in open option window please check the attached image thanks
  12. Mix Pyro colours

    Hi You can use volume visualization node
  13. Houdini 14 python shell issues

    Thanks Graham!!!
  14. Houdini 14 python shell issues

    Hello Everyone! I'm not sure if this question is already asked. 1: In houdini 13 python shell i get help while starting a bracket, but this is not available in houdini 14 ? Is there a way to enable it? 2: The tab key is also not working in the python shell inside houdini 14. I'm using version
  15. Points as force in RBD

    I created a sample file, i'm not sure this is what exactly u are looking for. I tried using particle as force in rbd in this file. Points_as_force_in_RBD_feb24_v001.hip