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    My strengths are in post production, motion gfx and generating 3D content.  In my current role I use all three.  Having experience in video, motion gfx and 3D,  I am able to give clients options that best fit their needs. 



 I love to learn new things especially in the area of post production and 3D and love working places where I get to develop in those areas.  I just completed my MFA in the school of Arts and Technology at the University of Texas in Dallas. I studied the areas of VFX, lighting and rendering, digital compositing as well as camera tracking.  As I learn new things I am always figuring out ways to apply them to my current job and freelance jobs that I work on.  Several of the projects on my demo reel were the direct result from a class or new skills that I picked up.  My long term goals in this area is to take my talents in the video/film work and use them alongside my new 3D talents.


If you have a project or job that needs my talents I would love to hear about it. 


My Demo Reel