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  1. Montreal Houdini User Group

    Framestore is tight on security as well. We don't have a theatre either.
  2. Montreal Houdini User Group

    Cool sounds good. I could wrangle the Framestore Houdini peeps too. Just keep me posted. Cheers!
  3. Montreal Houdini User Group

    Any word on this? I'm from Vancouver, and I really enjoyed attending the VHUG events. Maybe we can just meet up at bar with a projector. lol. Cheers!
  4. Hello All, I've been offered an internship position at Side FX in Santa Monica - which is totally incredible!!! I'm very excited to pursue this and doing my research to relocate myself for 5-6 months, from Vancouver, Canada, to California. I understand as a Canadian, I can apply for a TN Visa to be able to get a work permit. This is what I have been told: - I can run over to the Canada/US Border, let them know I want to change my 'status' to 'TN' - do an interview on the spot - show them the offer letter from Side FX, other credentials, and passport - front $50 CAD - I should apply for the TN visa no earlier than 2 weeks of my start date. Is this true? It sounds all very simple and straight forward, but 2 weeks is cutting it really close, and I want to make sure I do this right without getting denied entry. Doing further research, what category/profession does a Side FX intern fall under as per NAFTA? - Graphic Designer? - Management Consultant? I know, it's best I should speak with a lawyer about all this, which I have - and for them to process this '$50' visa, it would cost me $1800 (http://www.vancouverimmigrationlawyer.org/). I don't want to leave any stone unturned, so I am wondering if any Canadian out there has gone down to Side FX in Santa Monica, and what steps did you take to relocate? The link above is from a law office that is based out of Toronto. Does anyone know a good lawyer in the Vancouver area that understands the nature of VFX work? Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks! ~n