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  1. In your example, switching to point Group Type in the uvproject2 node seems to work, no? Is this what you want?
  2. HDK vs. Python

    Use the reload command in the Houdini python shell. For example: >> import foo >> reload(foo)
  3. Unfolding systems

    That is cool. Nice work!
  4. scene level chops?

    You're close ... let's saying you are dealing with the tx parameter of the follow1 node then the function would read chop("../chopnet1/export1/tx"). You can slug in whatever channel is found in that export chop node (ie. chop("../chopnet1/export1/ty") ) HHTH Rob
  5. COP repeated process

    Hey Jeff, Thanks for your response - does make sense. In the end, I just animated the channels. Rob
  6. COP repeated process

    ** originally posted at SESI forums H9.1.179 Win Vista64 SP1 Using COPs, let's say I have a series of images rendered from 100-1000. I want to blur frames 100-200 using the fit expression ( fit($F,100,200,0,5) ) ... then repeat the same process on frames 350-450, 600-700. I want to avoid having to chop this into chunks of frame ranges. Is there a COP that can do this? I'm sure there's an easy way of doing this. Thanks in advance, Rob
  7. Anyone ever seen or worked on PRISMS ?

    Started my 3D career learning Prisms 0.? on a SGI 3130 (1988) so that tells ya how old I am Kim Davidson mentored me back when he & Greg were on King Street. Most of the 'modeling' was done digitizing points off of grid paper then writing lots & lots of scripts to build them. I can remember when SOPs were first introduced ... was totally amazed by the concept. I'll have to dig around to see if I still have the original manuals.
  8. Not sure where to post this so thought best here ... I'm looking to put together a workstation here at home to run Houdini (and maybe some other 3D apps). Would like to hear some recommendations/suggestions into what to get ... or even what NOT to get. Some things I'm thinking about are: - Nvidia card - dual monitors - Wacom tablet - Linux v. Windows I would love to hear others experiences. What brands are reliable? affordable? etc. I know this is a loaded request but any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Rob
  9. Concatenating Strings And Floats

    As grasshopper already noted, the "str" expressions convert the arguments on the fly to a string type. For example, if you did: strcat("foo","1") strcat("foo",1) strcat(foo,1) strcat(foo,"1") the result is always foo1. What I didn't understand in your expression was the section atof(opdigit(".")-1) . You are right that opdigit returns a float so I'm not sure why you'd put the atof before it. It still evaluates the same if you remove the atof.
  10. Phantom Objects

    In addition to toggling on the phantom flag, did you set the value to 1?
  11. I Spy?

    Spy & Gvim as much as possible. I've used spy ever since it was called 'dragon'. Couldn't imagine navigating any other way.
  12. Renderer Creation Script

    You were on the right direction with the mantra -r. However, it's the opparm command you want to use. For example: opparm mantra1 command ( 'mantra -r' ) The '-r' option in opset is to toggle the render flag of an OP.