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  1. Big News Next week!

    everything, that sounds interesting
  2. set value for all parms in a node

    Thanks, work as expected
  3. Hello, I want to create button to set all my parameters to some value [for example 1]. I did something like this: x = hou.node('/obj/geo') x.parmTuple(str(p.name() for p in x.parmTuples()).set(1,1,1) [/CODE] AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set' I suppose it is ultra simple [to set value for all parms] but I can't figue out how to deal with it.
  4. Parameters are gone

    just hit enter in that field. Wide field means that you are in "expression edit mode".
  5. Od[force] Shaders Scene

    sounds great, can you upload that scene?
  6. Hello, How to control specular samples? My actual workflow to control diffuse/specular samples: create area light position it then turn off specular contribution and set "sampling quality" as is it in most cases then copy the same area light and turn off diffuse contribution and turn on specular contribution set sampling quality to minimum 2 without those steps I get specular flickering with displacement materials [specular noise?] and to completley remove it I would have to set global samples to 2-128 and pixel samples to 14x14. With 2 area light instead of 1 [diff and spec contributions: sampling quality increased] I have pretty clean renders with 8x8 and 1-18 global samples = quicker render. The only bothering thing is that I have 2x more lights and it takes some time to set and organize those. example: [from 0:20 to 0:22, you can see random white dots in the background].Arnold renderer [which is pathtracer as mantra is] gives you ability to set every type of sampling.
  7. Blendposes - poses

    works great
  8. Blendposes - poses

    Hello, I almost rigged my new mechanical character, now I need some simple scripting to have easier animation tasks. I am considering how to pose my character with only one button or slider. Blendposes are overwriting my controllers so I can't use them. Out of hand I said to myself "I will create new controllers and parent those to older ones. Obviously it is very bad idea when you animate from those poses and so on. Do you have some tips how to create poses which can be posed from every pose. EXAMPLE: 1. Custom animation [walk] + 2.pose1 [sit] + 3. custom animation [stand up and jump] + 4.pose1 [sit]. As u can imagine step numer 4 will be broken up cuz of shifted controllers] I figured out how to achieve this ALMOST [keyword] perfectly: Presets in DA - the problem is there no presets for one parm, but only for entire DA. So I can't make poses for particular part of body.
  9. group per copy

    Hello, I want to have one group per one copy on point. To copy I use copy node with connected some scattered points. Copy has option to create group per copy, but not from template points . example: I have 10 points and 1 sphere. I copy sphere to those 10 points via copy node. I want to have one group for each sphere [sphere_01 and so on). I can't find how to do it and it has to be ultra easy. I did it already in python, but it took some time for me. I am sure that I am missing something and it can be done with less than one line of hscript/group node with patern.
  10. angle between bones

    works perfectly, thank you.
  11. angle between bones

    Hello I am making some simple rigg and I want to measure angle between two bones. I used vector node in chop network but it is not working for me. When I plug boxes/nulls it works pretty well. I am sure it is something with nature of bones. I found some tricks to achieve my goal, but I wonder if there is some simple method to measure angle between two bones.
  12. I think you might misunderstood me. I am making new material and I want to have bump over displacement. I am geting "displace along normal" node which do true displacement. Another displace along normal node is doing bump displacement [only shading, not true displacement]. Now, I want to mix them, but I don't know how. I dived into mantra surface but I can;t clearly see how it is solved there.
  13. Hello I remember that I found the way how to achieve true displacement + some tiny bump noise. Now I can't recall how I have done this. I want to have true displacement + some noise bump at the same time and in one shader. Do i have something to add or mix? Hope you can help, it's ultra newbie question, sorry.
  14. hi edit: now i know there isn't fake/fast gi in mantra 1. I saw that many people render in PBR mode. I did few tests and I can say that PBR is most efficent when you want to get color blending + reflections + ambient occlusion. Micropolygon engine now stands only for complex scenes/high amount of displacement etc.? 2. If question 1 = "yes": how to combine let's say reflective sphere and explosion? The workflow looks like - sphere + enviroment rendered in PBR and explosion in micropolygon? If yes, how to get reflection of that explosion on that sphere? How to combine both engines in that particular situation?