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  1. Colour codes

    Haha.. Well, I like bat1 and OUT. The other ones, I don't think I would use. My setup is usually only making the Output node and Null into an X and black. Object merge into purple down arrow. Wrangle, orange colored. That's basically all I need!
  2. Colour codes

    Are you f***n kidding me?! That's an amazing tip, never heard it before.
  3. Colour codes

    This is awesome! Do you know, how can we also change the shape of the node, not only the color? For example, I usually use a down pointing node, for imports.
  4. RBD Deform Pieces H18

    Already found my own way to do this above, that I was asking to. But Bubble Pins released a tutorial for it today, so here it is, if anyone else wants to update their knowledge:
  5. Ray SOP ignore backfaces

    Did it myself. Works. vector dir = v@N*1000; vector pos; vector uvw; int hit_prim = intersect(@OpInput2, @P, dir, pos, uvw); v@primN = prim_normal(1,hit_prim,uvw); if(dot(@primN,@N) < 0){ @P = pos; }
  6. Ray SOP ignore backfaces

    Is it possible to write a VEX example of this? :-)
  7. RBD Deform Pieces H18

    Hello! Been doing a lot of RBD workflow school work for H18 now at Lost Boys Canada Montreal, but there is one thing I still don't understand. How to deform metal in a good way. Specifically, a good workflow for the RBD Deform Pieces node. Have looked at the help material for it, there is two examples there in a hip file. Both are slow to compute with and hard to understand and use for other situations. Anyone wrapped their head around it, yet? So far, continuing to use the same method as Steven Knipping uses in his crashing helicopter course with a configured Dop Network instead of the new RBD Bullet Solver. But would really like to use the new intended way of doing it... In this presentation, there is an example shown and discussed briefly, would be great to actually see how that was made in a hip file with some notes. Here: https://youtu.be/xP4gfRHEr1A?t=718
  8. Need two decimals

    I've been trying this function, but with the attempt of only showing 1 decimal. However I do it, it seems to sometimes show .10 instead of .0. How do I get around that?
  9. There is a lack of a hotkeys doing this at the moment. I was bugged down by the fact, that I keep renaming nodes all the time and so it becomes time consuming moving mouse, double clicking on the name, typing, then hitting enter. Are you familiar with AutoHotKey? If you install it, and put an startup.ahk file in your Windows Startup folder (C:\Users\[You]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup), then it will run automatically on restart. Here is the code, that makes the F2 button into a rename nodes button: #IfWinActive, ahk_exe hindie.exe renaming := false $F2:: ; // A toggle for renaming with F2 button renaming := true send +T sleep 10 send {Enter} return $Enter:: ; // Hitting the Enter key while in renaming mode, will trigger you to go back with Shift T hotkey if(renaming) { send {Enter} sleep 10 send +T renaming := false return } else { send {Enter} return } #IfWinActive Basically, when you hit F2 and have a node selected, the script switches you into the List View with the hotkey Shift + T and hits enter. That puts you into "renaming" mode, witch switches the functionality of the Enter key. When in this mode, the Enter key also sends Shift + T to get you out of List view and out of the "renaming" mode, so the Enter key functions normally again. Enjoy! :-D
  10. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    The current rename node window, can only add prefix or suffix. Not replace the whole text. It's just one of those things you do all the time, but don't wanna point with your mouse and double-click to change.
  11. OPexist expression for groups

    Would love it if you could explain how, in the same situation myself now. Not that skilled with code. :-)
  12. Play instance/copies animation

    Thank you iamyog! :-) But that is a bit too complex for what I was seeking. I have figured out a solution now. Just had to sit down and write it out in text first (and after hours of not thinking right). Like this: 192 trees are to be animated out over a course of 650 frames. Every tree have an animation that takes 20 frames each. With the help of a TimeWarp and a Copy SOP, I just have to figure out when they should start and stop and stamp it, making each unique with the $PT's of the copy template. start $RFEND/$NPT*$PT stop $RFEND/$NPT*($PT+20)
  13. Hello, I was wondering. What is the general workflow for say ... example: Connect an object to a COPY node, let the template be drawn up, say from a Curve and an animated Carve SOP. How would it be possible that each copy object scales up from zero animated, when the carve reaches a new point? Say, I would like to control the easing of the scaling of these objects as they appear. Can each copy have their own timeline that you can trigger when an attribute equals 1, true or false thing?
  14. Tea and Cookies with Houdini

    Purchased Tea and Cookies, on lesson 5a now. Kinda mind-blowing... Amazing techniques. :-) Thanks! At first I thought this was gonna be really boring things to model. But HOW they are modeled! That just keeps my interest glowing. Hours ticking away... Probably the best tutorial when it comes to modeling in Houdini so far?
  15. Hide/Show Background Image: want a hotkey

    Oh, don't care if it's Python or Hscript as long it works! And it does. Thank you very much. Very cool! :-)