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  1. Hi everyone, How can I use custom sink to get rid off the unwanted flip fluid particles when I am using sink from object? I tried using Sink from object but for some reason I don't get anything. I might am doing some mistake but I am not sure. Can any one help for the work flow? Thanks
  2. custom flip tank

    Thanks it helps.
  3. custom flip tank

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a custom fliptank (precisely cylinder). Any tips on how can I achieve that? Thanks
  4. collision problem alembic

    Thanks it helps. but still I dont get a good collision in in the edge area of the cylinder.
  5. collision problem alembic

    Hi cgcris. Thanks for your reply. How can I do that?
  6. Hi, I am not able to get correct collisions while importing alembic cylinder animation in houdini. It shows up 1 primitive count only. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  7. Did anyone try converting particles to vdb to get it rendered in Clarisse? Clarisse seems to accept just vdb for particles? I tried using a copy node to copy a sphere for each particle but it doesn't seem to be efficient in terms of time for high quality sims. Is there a way I can get It to work? I tried vdb from particles but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any work around for this?
  8. I tried doing the same. It doesn't seem to work.
  9. Do you mean to write this in houdini.env file: $HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR = “/Users/username/” ? If yes it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Hey Marty thanks for the file! I checked your file was working. It does work! Then I tried creating another box in your file and tried using dry sand shelf tool. It worked as well! Then I tried a new houdini file to create a dry sandfrom the box. It gives me an error. This is weird! I tried Houdini 14.0.472 and 14.0.444 versions. I tried uninstalling and re installing again. I saw something weird this time while uninstalling. It takes hardly few seconds to uninstall Houdini. And when I re-Install houdini, under package name: Houdini applications and Houdini Framework seems to be locked and checked. Once the installation is done, I get Houdini apprentice, houdini Indie and Houdini Fx icons in my launchpad. All of them opens [with of course apprentice edition ]. The installation takes 2-3 minutes to get done. I have the file attached when I open houdini package.
  11. All shelf tools work. The following tools don't work: DrySand/Wet Sand/Granular Solid/Granular sheet/Granular strand on the grains tab. Only rbd grains under grains shelf tab work. When i try to add a pop network node under geometry node, I get the same error.
  12. Thanks for your reply Marty. I tried uninstalling and then re-installing it. It doesn't seem to work. The problem remains the same.
  13. Hi guys, I tried working around with Houdini 14 in my machine. For some reason, none of the shelf tool works for me under grains tab except rbd grains in Houdini 14. For example when i create a sphere and then directly click Dry sand/Wet sand etc on the shelf tool I get the following error: 'None Type' object has no attribute 'set.' Am I doing something wrong? This must be something simple that I am missing. I have an image attached as well. Machine specs: OS X Yosemite iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3,5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, Did anyone try to create multiple lightning tool only in SOP level? I know that L system helps a lot in lightning things but if i want to do it only in SOP level how will i proceed so that if a user enters the number of lightning he wants then the lightning randomly gets generated onto the desired camera area? The main problem i am facing is to generalize the whole tool for "n" number of lightning with different shapes and different number of branches and sub-branches.. Thanks, Priyanshu