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  1. Hi guys! I would like to share here my latest personal project. Everything done in Houdini and Mantra Hope you like it. Youtube Version: Shark_Youtube.mp4
  2. I Speak Whale - Houdini Project

    Hi guys, i would like share with all of you my latest personal project i did on my spare time. Hope you like it.
  3. Canary Surge V2

    Hi there! this is my new Canary Surge V2, improved workflow for whitewater, foam and shading stuffs.Please watch in HD 720. Vimeo compression kill of the fine details sorry. http://ipsvfx.com/project/canary-surge-v2/
  4. Heat melting squid

    nice test dude, but no need use PC for this, you can transfer the heat or temperature field directly into dops using microsolvers to the flip sim. Here is a test i did some years ago.
  5. GTX 1080Ti or not?

    Hi guys, any of you could share experience using GTX 1080Ti with Houdini? Actually i am using old GTX Titan, but i am thinking to buy new Graphics Card, any reccomendations? Cheers, Ivan Pulido Suarez
  6. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    I wish, no more self tools please!
  7. Fracture mesh with plane/extruded curve

    something like this works for you?
  8. Canary Surge

    Hi there, i would like to show my latest personal project, just for fun. Hope you like it. https://youtu.be/u_oTSpCITQk
  9. ROP Operator Submit Houdini2Deadline

    works for distributed sims?
  10. Houdini Book?

    Not much!!!?? you mean too much.
  11. Wipeout Racing Vehicle

    Beautiful renders, i like it!
  12. Melting // FLIP

    I did a couple of year some tests using differents kind of melting, using noise, by temperature and controlling by null object, take a look to this, with any ways you can control the melting parts. Using noise for example you can define differens areas to melt with no affect the other parts. http://vimeo.com/141266292
  13. Houdini Flip for small fluids (bottle)??

    Of course there are a lot of ways to archive small scale shots in houdini using flip, but from far small scale is always better to do it using sph, much more accuracy than flip. From my side i recommend realflow for that, from far! But you can try as Hudson say, to scale up the scene. Best Cocacola Commercial ever! Great work Hudsoninho and David!! .
  14. Houdini Flip for small fluids (bottle)??

    From my experience, flip and small scale are not very good friends, you should be try something with sph, but the sph solver iin houdini is really slow.
  15. hehe, yeah, the purple flag is on the grid.
  16. 2015 FX Animation Houdini Reel

    Really nice reel! Great stuffs there!! Congrats Javier.
  17. Honda "Endless road"

    Nice Jordi, good work.
  18. Effects Challenges

    if someone is interested to know more about the MPM solver used for Disney, here a guy who developed a Material Point Method Solver for houdini. https://github.com/Azmisov/snow
  19. Which FX Houses have Houdini FX TDs?

    Nice to hear that!!!!! Thanks man for the info.
  20. Which FX Houses have Houdini FX TDs?

    Nice update, but Flowline is not a proprietary software from mpc, is from scanline, they are the only one external company that can use flowline. And about MPC Vancouver a friend of mine told me yesterday that they use maya only,i do not know if all the mpc office are the same or depends directly what you supervisor want.
  21. Per-Frame Alembic export

    Super!!!! And all the attributes and everything is stored correctly in the sequence? Thanks for the info man.
  22. Per-Frame Alembic export

    Really?!! Are u using H14? Super!!! No needs more python to do that then.
  23. Per-Frame Alembic export

    Hi Graham, i did an script to do exactly that in my last work, we had to render in maya and the houdini caches was super crazy size, and this script write a abc per frame, you can create a self button you only need copy/paste the python code and thats all. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30398202/alembic_shelf_ivanpulido.rar send me an email, for the password. ivanpulido7@yahoo.es Cheers. Ivan
  24. Flip and fast collision object

    Hi guys, any update of this? I have to do a freelance project something similar, water inside a flass, but the glass animation is too fast to keep all the water inside and to keep the fluid volume. I tried to use all kind of collision and does not work, substeps, differents ways to emit fluid, i update the velocity of the fluid using the same velocity of my glass animation. Somebody know some trick to keep the water inside the glass? Cheers!