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  1. Cell Shader

    You could measure world distance from P to edge (primuv(0, "P", primnum, {0,1,0}) and remap the result to 0-1. In that way edge width maintain in world space units. Here is example file. wireframe_shader.hip
  2. Chain RBD setup

    Your choice is Bullet Solver and Compound collision type for collision geometry (RBD Packed object). Loop over a chain elements: convert to vdb sdf -> vdb to spheres -> bake ode -> pack. And increase substeps for solver. Don't foreget name it properly (each packed fragment must have unique name)
  3. High-speed moving objects

    Stabilize source object (transform sop), add velocity field matches its motion to source volumes. Solve sim. Matchmove you sim (same transform sop in "invert" mode).
  4. Shader problem at render time

    Maybe the easiest way to use noise as scale value for output F, Of and Af global variables.
  5. Illuminance Loop Question

    Help me please. In my simple example neither frontface VOP nor frontface() VEX function work with illuminance loop. Maybe it's some bug with my version of houdini... fronFace_problem.hipc.hip
  6. Shader problem at render time

    FIX: add "compliment SOP" after "threshold" parm in animation2 shader. And change colorramp to match the one from animation1_shader. Seems it works. shader problem_FIX.hipnc
  7. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    1) Visualizers Presets or make Houdini to save visualizers with scene file. It's very tedious to recreate all this stuff with each new session.
  8. Problems spilling liquid

    Use control field on "stick on collision" parameter. Value in this field will be multiplier for "stick scale". And increase "max distance" a little bit. I get nice result with max value about 20 in control field.
  9. Emit Stream of solid objects (FEM)

    Hi, Jordan. I was faced with the same task. There is example file of the setup with some FEM objects emitted continuosly from randomly scattered point. Each frame new point position is used to add new FEM object to a DOP sim. Stream_FEM.hip
  10. Soccer Cell

    Expressive! Nice work!
  11. wiresolver ignore selfcollision

    Thank you, Artem! It works perfectly.
  12. wiresolver ignore selfcollision

    Hi, houdini folks! I've a character that should be tied by a rope. I mean to use wiresolver with "Rest Geometry" option for wireobject switched on. But selfcollision is not working for wires. It penetrates always. I wish you help me with any advice! selfcollision_wiresolver.hip
  13. group parameter ( ? )

    For myself i found another way. There's a some node inside my otl ("xform" for example) and i want "group" parameter from this "xform" to promote onto a digital asset level: 1. go to "Parameters -> From Node" Tab of Type Properties. 2. find that "xform" inside digital asset and select its "group" parameter. That's all.
  14. "Pyroclastic noise" demystified

    Hi, i try to achieve render like this one in the book "Volumetric Methods in Visual Effects" (see img1). I create point cloud about 14 millions of points and use it to sample density at render time, as andreu.lucio did. but my render always has an artifacts (dark curves, for lower density i think)(img2). I realy don't know how to fix it. Can anybody help? My scene file is attached. Thanks. render_volume.hip
  15. Deform Object By Curve

    Copy your curve1 object (before you apply any deformations on it) and connect it as a second input for a wiredeform SOP. OR connect the same curve (but through an Edit SOP) to the 3rd input and apply deformations at Edit SOP level. Wiredeform.hipnc