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  1. hey guys, i hope you could shed some light on this I'm trying to Alembic rop my bgeo sim out to maya, ive cleaned up the sim prior to creating the bgeo sequence (removes things like rest attributes , velocity etc) the only thing in the bgeo sequence is the $P and $uv attributes, i write this out with an alembic rop and try to import into maya using the pipeline tools i only get back an empty polysurface1 node with this error in the console AbcImport -mode open -fitTimeRange ".../Alembic/Engine_Exploding.abc"; // Error: Error getting adding to initalShadingGroup. // // Error: No connection done for node 'file1' with // // Result: Engine_Exploding_AlembicNode // assigning a new shader to the polysurface does nothing Any help with be greatly appreciated Thanks -amorales
  2. H 16.5 and Hqueue Simulations

    Found the problem.. silly windows firewall , disable it entirely on your private network
  3. Hey guys has anyone had any luck with the latest houdini production build and hqueue simulations? , Ive managed to get a small farm working for renders but simulations get stuck on "pending" in the tracker, no idea how to fix it, or what is causing it, logs dont say anything other than the "running" Thanks!
  4. Asteroid Dust Trails

    Hi Hebi Ive attached below with my changes to your files A couple things Velocity was never calculated because you had animation data on the obj transform level, your animation data needs to be inside on a transform node in order for the trail sop to work properly , velocity data is now being passed through and you can crank it up in the volume source. It looks like you had relationships disabled in the pyro solver, thus any collision wasnt working Make sure your turbulence fields are not on at all times on the entire simulation, you can have them only affect areas where the velocity is high , this should help with the crazy voxelization towards the tail of the sim Enjoy! -A 2016-08-04_asteroid_trail_v002.hip
  5. Hey Odforce, Been wondering if theres a way to avoid generating tiny or "splinter" pieces when fracturing an Object, something along the lines of "avoid small pieces" checkbox (maybe with a cool threshold) This can easily be done after the fact yes, using a measure sop etc but I cant wrap my head around on how to do it in the process of fracturing. has anyone tried something similar that can point me down the correct path?
  6. De-Subdivide

    fxrod did you ever manage to figure this out?
  7. Bend and Break (post) Solver

    I recently opened this up in H15 , im noticing the mesh isnt splitting , and its hard to pinpoint if this is an issue by H15 (no warning or error anywhere) anyone have any ideas?
  8. Voronoi Fracture "filter" tiny pieces during fracture

    I actually did end up going this route, and its totally fine for what im doing, but it be great to have a feature like I said above, what happens when i like my fracturing and dont want to cluster it? I went with the clustering method, and will just do some manual cleanup afterwards, but it was a feature that popped in my head that would be really useful.
  9. Bend and Break (post) Solver

    Awesome work Pavel! Time to dissect and learn!
  10. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Some sort of Optical Flow node for compositing
  11. "Select by 3d Connectivity"

    These new selection modes are excellent and have been using them extensively, but now i want to ask, is there an equivalent to them via the group node and using the bounding box? even using the "select entities not wholly contained" option doesnt work properly, i basically want it to do what "select by 3d connectivity" does. Any solutions?
  12. Noticed this while testing out some rbd in h14, I'm fairly certain this was not the case in h13 but I'm noticing my glue constraints are researching points post breaking and then reconnecting mid sim, I've attached my scene and obj below No idea whats causing it, was messing with search radius , etc, I figure maybe a more permanent mainly solution to slap a solver in the sopsolver to save data of the previous frame, but again this is doing it on default shelf tool shortcuts. Any idea? Watch_Tower.hipnc Watch_Tower.obj.zip
  13. RBD Constraint is not permanently deleting?

    Pavel, you nailed it, that fixed the problem, was this fixed in the latest daily build? im still on the production build
  14. Michael, i just tried your method with a sphere / curved objects, looks like its working great, only thing you have to change is instead of a subdivide to just use a divide for spherical/curved objects because of the rounded interior faces, then apply a subdivide after to increase that resolution. Use bricker polygons and you're good to go. Great Work! -A
  15. Suggestions for Gnomon Lectures on Houdini

    Hey Peter, I'm really happy you were able to teach at Gnomon this past semester, I unfortunately was in the last batch of graduates that got to miss out on some more advanced houdini classes, but as soon as I heard you were teaching, I immediately informed my lower term classmates to take your class in a heart beat. There was a huge push during my time at Gnomon to get more and more houdini classes because of its current rise in the industry, myself being one of those advocates. Is there any chance you'll be teaching more classes at Gnomon? and if not, possibly some online class? Shout out to Michael Tello, for getting the ball rolling on this -A
  16. Suggestions for Gnomon Lectures on Houdini

    Ill go yell at Ian to make an online class
  17. NICE! Thanks Francisco!
  18. This is fantastic! Thank you Pavel Im also curious to see igors point cloud method, is that something we can take a look at also?
  19. whoa thats awesome Igor, possible to get a hip example?
  20. What is the current state of...

    ILP did the FX for BF3/4, and i know EA Sports in florida is using houdini extensively for the sports games. One thing that would be nice to see is more integration of the engines used with houdini, building particle systems in H and then being able to just import or have a link into the game engine (never liked the way the particle editor in UDK worked)
  21. Ya I had to do that

    ^^ womens waxing strips woo!
  22. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/news/13/opencl Has anyone had any luck getting this to work, Im currently trying to test it out, but upon turning on open cl in my solver, houdini freezes up entirely. I've doubled checked to make sure its loaded the Intel specific driver, but still get an unresponsive result. The AMD APP works at the moment but does tend to slow down later into the scene (somewhat drastically). Intel i7 2.8ghz 9gigs of ram radeon hd 5850 1gb Thanks
  23. Wetmap on moving geometry

    try this https://vimeo.com/52290971
  24. Rain water drips

    Just checked your file, looks like both splits are working, getting 1 birthed particle, what version of houdini are you in? here not sure why its not working on your end, i dont see anything that would prevent it from working. Scratch that, I played with it a little more and noticed something was going on with the grouping at the first split, dont think it was preserving the right group (it was still grabbing the name from the old split) , i attached the hip below. Cheers! -Adad rain_004_amfix.hipnc
  25. Rain water drips

    Try this Messed with the birth lives, and add mass to the particles, theyll behave more naturally, upped the oversampling and just smaller tweaks. -Adad rain_002_am.hipnc