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  1. Waterfall

  2. Wand Duel short film

    Hello all! I just finished a small project with a few frends, done just for fun, with no real intention apart from that, shot while studying abroad and visiting some cities in the UK It is a Harry Potter-esque wand duel chase, with almost all visual effects shots containing some degree of Houdini. Here is the film and a little compilation of all the effects with a few breakdowns! Film: VFX: None of the effects are highly technical or complicated, but at least they contribute to a story (even if it is silly), something I hadn't really done before on my own. I hope you enjoy it! Miguel
  3. Reel 2012 / In progress

    Glad you like it, guys! It's nice to post again
  4. Reel 2012 / In progress

    Hi guys! It's ben years since I've posted anything around here. But since I made up my mind and updated my reel, I thought I'd share it in here. I still might add or take out some shots, so it is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy! Absolutely all done in Houdini except the meteorite collision shot. (View in HD)