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  1. Thanks for sharing your setup!:) My script is only neccessary for file imports that come from outside the $HIP directory. And as I am saving a copy anyways, the copy might as well have the network share path. Or at least, that was the quickest solution I could think of, since I am also in the same boat as you, being a self taught freelancer ^^ And about the script saving the extra copy, that's more of a personal preference. I like to have the exact hip file the renderings came from untouched for debugging and clarity. By using the script I avoid accidentally submitting abc_v009.hip, then continue working in v009 and overwriting it. Thanks for the pointer to use $JOB!
  2. In case someone comes across this thread finding themselves lost in one HQeue issue after another, here is a quick list of problems I came across (as a google help or contact me if you need assistance): 1. Manually create inbound and outbound rules for ports 5000 and 5001 in your Windows Firewall to enable communication between server and clients (on all machines). 2. Use the IP address to connect the client to server to avoid possible name resolving issues in your network. 3. Even after changing the "Log On" account for the HClient windows service it was not able to see my network mount. I instead used this inside the hqserver.ini hqserver.sharedNetwork.path.windows = \\XXX\SHARE hqserver.sharedNetwork.mount.windows = \\XXX\SHARE 4. Don't forget to set your target HFS inside the HQ ROP to the installation path of Houdini (took me way too long to realize that I forgot to do this :D) 5. Imports in your HIP might have trouble to load (geo or textures read from your drive/mounted share), the same reason being the one behind point 3. To avoid this you can change those paths to your network share by using //XXX/share instead of using the drive letter. You can get a python script going relatively easy to search and replace file paths in your hip, save the file as a copy/submission file and then submit to hqueue. Hopefully this points anyone with similar issues in the right direction:)
  3. Hey ikoon, unfortunately, I m just gonna leave a +1 here since I encounter the same problem right now. I get the same error log and when I copy the path and paste it into the explorer on the client it opens the file. No idea what the cause could be besides something to do with Windows path mapping not being natively with forward slashes :/ Did you ever figure it out? Cheers, Dziga
  4. Houdini Multijoints

    Hi fayal, I was searching for this effect a few weeks ago and came across this thread: breakable string constraint - od[forum] Unfortunately, I didn't manage to set such a system up yet. If you find out how everything works, please let me know
  5. Gimpville Kontiki Breakdown

    Wow, amazing work.
  6. Smoke trails in explosion

    I would lower the inheritance of the particle's velocity, so that the trails don't move so fast. This is the first thing that comes to my mind looking at your scene. I'm not sure if timescale or more FPS would help to get a smoother trail that's not broken up. Unfortunately, I can't give you more advice as I am used to do this kind of effects with FumeFX and don't get the hang of it in Houdini yet. Hope I could help anyway Edit: Additionally, your particles could use some gravity for a interesting curved trail.
  7. Sparks

    Due to their lower speed it's realistic that they appear brighter then the really fast moving sparks. If it's just not the look you want, you could try to add a color node and only affect your bounce group. I am still a Houdini noob but it's the first that comes to my mind