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  1. some new WIP stuff

    Looks amazing. There is a lot learn from here
  2. Car Explosion

    Demoreel: http://vimeo.com/60884195 This is my final Demoreel shot along with the Breakdowns. I am looking for opportunity as an Houdini FX-artist in Vancouver. - I am using Pyro simulation in Houdini for explosion and fire on the Car's Body and I have setup custom Pyro cluster for the other pieces that are flying around. - For the simulation of the car I am using RBD solver instead of bullet because the motion of the Car is looking much better at the point of impact with RBD. - For bending / smashing the body of the car I have used a Sopsolver and a magnet force to bend the body at the point of Impact. and the velocity from the explosion as an initial force for the simulation of the car. Any comments will be appreciated
  3. Explosion Test

    Shading Looks Good
  4. Alihusen Kapadia Fx artist Demoreel 2013

    Thank you
  5. Alihusen Kapadia Fx artist Demoreel 2013

    Hi There, My name is Alihusen Kapadia .I have recently graduated from Vancouver Institute of Media arts with a Specialization in FX in Houdini. Below is the link to my final Demoreel with breakdowns. I am looking for job opportunities as a fx artist within canada. Thank you. Demoreel: https://vimeo.com/60884195
  6. Car explosion Wip

    Hi there, I am fairly new to Houdini I am a student and currently I am working on Car explosion for my demoreel. I have attached a render of my Initial tests of the flame shader for the cars body and pieces that are flying apart after explosion. Any good advice on how to make the shader look good will be of benefit to me. carflamesshader.mov
  7. Boundry Artifacts with Pyro clustering

    I cannot even use uprez because my flames are colliding with the body of the car and it seems that by uprezing I will lose the details of the collision.
  8. Boundry Artifacts with Pyro clustering

    Hi There, I want to know if there is a way around getting rid of boundry artifacts or seams that appear in a Pyro Simulation when we instance containers based of point clusters in sops.I hope the attached images can make my problem easy to understand.