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  1. Hi Mangi, thank you so much for your help! I replied to the msg, thanks again!
  2. Hi Mangi, Thank you for your help! I checked it but when I click the create/modify rig but it gave me an error say that "there is a word "left" missing from the file name from the /obj/houdini_auto_rig/auto_rig_biped_hand_5f_3sl and when I just add the word 'left' at the end of auto_rig_biped_hand_5f_3sl, it gave me this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "opdef:/Object/Houdini_auto_rig?PythonModule", line 12, in setRig File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/12.5.316.22/Resources/houdini/python2.6libs/autorig/utils.py", line 31, in new_func return function(*args, **kwargs) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/12.5.316.22/Resources/houdini/python2.6libs/autorig/utils.py", line 1388, in createAnimationRig writeProxyToEmbedded(auto_rig, animation_rig) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/12.5.316.22/Resources/houdini/python2.6libs/autorig/utils.py", line 1099, in writeProxyToEmbedded bgeofile = hou.readFile(temp_path) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/12.5.316.22/Resources/houdini/python2.6libs/hou.py", line 37121, in readFile return _hou.readFile(*args) OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed. Invalid file name btw, my apology, if some parts I don't really get, I am new to Houdini and haven't done that much of rigging either so that's why was hoping the shelf tool can make the rigging part easier
  3. Hi traiano, I put the slice plane to show it but it doesn't really show up in the viewport and I saw no difference with the fire animation. Perhaps I have to make the curve thicker? but how to do that? or did I do something wrong here? Thank youuu!
  4. Hi Mangi, I opened the vimeo video but I do not really get the relation for the rigging.. but I found this video https://vimeo.com/14737813 which helps me a bit with the rigging so now I start on it already. However, after I have finished placing the rig, I do not know what I have to do now.. in the video says to click on the "create or modify rig" or so, but for the hands autorig there is only a "set rig" button. I tried to put the rig path to my hand mesh so : /obj/hand, but it gave me this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "opdef:/Object/auto_rig_biped_hand_5f_3s?PythonModule", line 33, in setRig File "opdef:/Object/auto_rig_biped_hand_5f_3s?PythonModule", line 8, in worldTrans AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'worldTransform' I don't know what goes wrong here. Here I attached the working file. and, yes that's what I am aiming for, an on fire rigged animation, so it does work? why did I get an error then when I tried to put fire on the toon character Thanks! hand_rig.hipnc
  5. Hi Mangi, Oh yes sorry, here is the zip file hand.zip
  6. Oh yes now I get what I did wrong, it works now, thank you! I have another question though if you don't mind, I put the curve 7 for the collision, but I can't really see if it works for collision or not (the fact that it is hidden now and because it's so thin), so how can I see if it works? Thank you
  7. Hi Traiano, hmm yes so I changed the pyro and also the open CL also changed the size of the container. But it is still the same, fire only on the 1st frame, when I play it it's gone did i do something wrong? EDIT: now I changed the lower and upper padding to 10 (for testing) and the fire is there but it the container stops after around 20 frames but the sphere keeps going. and when I changed the padding to 5, fire is gone and if I put it on 8, it has fire but only until frame 82 and then it's gone
  8. Pyro Sim not showing in viewport

    Hi I am encountering the same problem, did you get a solution for this? Thank you
  9. Hi traiano, Thank you, I checked the file but I don't get the one in the import_pyro_build, where should i cache it exactly? at the "output file" of the rop geometry node? if so, I tried that and save it on my disk, but then it shows the fire for frame 1 but when I play it the fire is gone. I also edited the padding for the pyro container also no luck..
  10. I have now an updated file where in this file I tried to turn of the cache simulation at the DOP Node, and it seems that the fire shows but only if I am inside this DOP node. and it works outside DOP if I hide my sphere node.. bg.hipnc
  11. Hi all, (edit on the title: object cannot be hooked) I have a question regarding the autorig in Houdini, I am quite new for Houdini so I encountered some problems here. I want to have a fire shaped from a hand. In my mind, this is the steps that I want to do : 1. Put the autorig on the hand model (because I want the fingers to be moving and such) 2. Put the pyro flame on the rigged hand However, I got stuck on the first step. I tried to put the autorig on the hand model but Houdini says that the object cannot be hooked up or so. I also do not really get this 'hook' meaning. I tried to look at some tutorials but all of them look so easy to put the autorig on so I have no idea what went wrong here. At first I though because it is high poly but when I reduced it, it is still the same. Is it that the model is not good for the autorig, or is there something else going on? I use the Houdini 12.5 and I attached my hand model so maybe someone can try and help me out. Also another question, can I actually put the pyro effect on a rigged model? if so, how? because I tried with the toon model that is in Houdini and Houdini gave me an error when I put the toon character with the flame effect. So want to make sure before I go further with this concept. Thank you! hope someone can help me hand.hipnc
  12. Hi, Oh yes, I am attaching my file here. So the idea is that I want to have a fire shaped in a hand going through the pillars (with collision). But since I tried it with the hand model, it becomes so slow and I also cannot see the fire, only the white smoke around it, so I want to build the sim with the sphere first and then will replace it with the hand later when I have already get the fire as how I want it. So in this file, it is only the sphere - fire with the pillars and i put one of the curve for the collision. I hope someone can help me Thank you! bg.hipnc
  13. Hi, My graphic card is AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB I am using Houdini 12.5, and hmm, yes caching to disk with memory : 5000 and I only use the default 3D view. Thank you
  14. Hi all, I am quite new to Houdini and I want to ask a question, I want to make the sphere in my scene to move in the z direction as a fire, not just as a sphere. This is what I do: - put RBD ground plane - put sphere - change sphere into a RBD object - put the pyro - flame effects The thing is, weird enough that it sometimes work and other times it doesn't. And when it works, and then I close the file and when I want to continue my work, it doesn't work anymore. I always got this container box full of the yellow-ish color but the fire is no where to be found. I am a bit desperate now since I have been remake the scene over and over again for the fire simulation. Please help! Thank you!
  15. Yes, using the debris tool is working now thank you! I also got the original file working for me now, maybe to help someone, what went wrong is that I do not have source in the popnet, so it gave an error and did not emit the debris. if you put the source in it, it should be working cheers!