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  1. Gang, I've started to look into workflows leveraging off Disney's PTex texturing format and it looks very promising. A potential hurdle that can come up is the need to change the topology of the model and the impact that could have on the texturing already done. There are situations when a particular model may need to have resolutions increased/decreased, and also instances where the model may need to be fractured. I'd like to believe that between Mudbox, Mari and Houdini there can be a type of reprojection solution to help us deal with this... Just curious if anyone has tackled these challenges and certainly any tips are appreciated! cheers!
  2. Advice for large scale ocean

    I'm fairly sure HOT comes with an example that shows how you can generate a set of attributes in SOPs in order to birth particles near the cusps. And like Marc suggested layering a set of VEX nodes is definitely the way to go in order to get rid of tiling artifacts. We didn't change their angle much, but we layered a set of Lo, Med and Hi frequency waves and made sure their resulting areas were not multiples of one another. You just have to make sure to get the speed right to not mess up the apparent scale -- this is where previewing as much in SOPs (vs displacement) comes in handy. hope this helps!
  3. Marschner hair model

    It's great that you posted this Sergey, I've started using Marschner model at my work recently and I feel it lights more naturally than Kajiya. I find the biggest difference to be in the way it responds to rim lights... I haven't played around with your implementation, but I'm glad you pursued this effort and shared your results! I believe at last year's SIGGRAPH there was a paper (can't find it unfortunately) that presented a simplified set of shader controls for the Marschner model, much more aritst friendly and easier to digest. Just FYI, in case you can find the paper and feel it's useful. cheers!
  4. Problem with foreach sop

    It was just a tiny syntax error, you almost had it: x=sin(rand(stamp("..","FORVALUE",0))*180) y= 0 z=cos(rand(stamp("..","FORVALUE",0))*180) If you had been using stamps(), it would have been correct to use an empty string as the third argument. hope this helps! foreachProb_v02.hipnc
  5. weaving structure

    Hey quarel, All I was going to suggest is that if the weave is tight enough you might be able to get away with using displacement, like the yellow rope for example... Certainly also depends on how close-up it will be.
  6. A Sad Day for a Salt Shaker

    I showed this commercial to my wife and she thinks it's the cutest commercial ever! And of course now it's my job to find where they sell these salt and pepper shakers... Classic!
  7. Thanks for sharing! One can never have enough reference for this type of stuff... The second-to-last photo on the page is wicked!
  8. tutorial about the foreach SOP (advanced)

    Great stuff Manuel, thanks so much for posting this. I found it really helpful and I look forward to your next tutorials...
  9. How to render unpremultiplied output?

    Set your pixel filter (vm_pfilter) in your Mantra ROP/Properties/Output to: minmax edge hope this helps!
  10. Another HOT sighting ...

    I had to take the QT down until we clear it with Warner Bros... I'll put it back as soon as I can...
  11. Another HOT sighting ...

    The stormy ocean in T4 has a lot of foam, spray and whitecaps which dominate the scene, but HOT gave us a great start in shaping the ocean. We actually created a separate (fairly vanilla) HOT setup to turnaround layout/animatics for Charlie Gibson and McG which were pretty essential when we had to pin down just how big these waves had to be... The Houdini gurus in charge of the ocean shots we did for T4 at Rising Sun Pictures were: Rangi Sutton Simeon Bassett Premamurti Paetsch Rob East thanks Drew, and everyone else who contributes to HOT!
  12. I feel like such a dummy, for some reason I was afraid that transforms at the object level would screw up the ocean, but it works a treat. Ignore me... Yikes! I'm hoping we can post some of our test renders soon... thanks all!
  13. Gang, My team has been using HOT and it's giving us some pretty cool results! One thing that I wanted to run by y'all is the addition of a reference null which could be used to control the translation/rotation of the ocean. Sometimes there's a sweet section of the waves that doesn't quite line-up to the camera being used, so it means having to move the camera around. But it would be great to keep the simulation and camera as is, but have a reference null to help reorient and translate the ocean as necessary... Does this make sense? We'll try our best to hack something in place though... cheers!