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  1. Place Beyond the Pines . ( loved the movie ) Hello , Im beginner in Houdini .I was just trying out instancing in Houdini , This is what i came up with . Rendered using PBR . Bird and bg composited in fusion .
  2. Hi eetu , I have seen your work . Forest Floor was awesome and it was one of my inspiration to start learning houdini im so happy that u replied i have checked out his PDF . To be honest it was way too advanced for me at this point .hopefully someday i ll understand it the other 2 pic from ptakun , its alrdy my wallpaper for last couple of months but never really seen the ODforce thread . Thank you so much for that . last link is new to me looks awsmm !!!! Thank you so much for the inspring words . . Eloi
  3. it would be great if some one can guide me to any tutorial on procedural modeling of Vegetation
  4. sorry the second video is this
  5. Hello , is there anyway i can model vegetation like they mention in this video . They have nt use l-sys . then how did they make all that vegetation procedural ?!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnaA9ZRPXiE and this also ..can someone explain to me how they achieved this . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnaA9ZRPXiE Thanks Eloi
  6. Hello , 1st post here . Just started learning Houdini .LOVE it so far (evn though its really hard for my level ) .I saw couple of tutorials online and recently so L-sys video in sideeffect site . I tried out few things and this is wat i came up t so far . Hope u guys help me improve it . I created the leaves and plants( took help from the book The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants )in separte l-sys and used it as j ,k . But i found this very heavy on my system . is ther anyway i can make this light on my system . i dont have an expesive machine .My dream is to make a awesome looking forest scene . shading is really rough pls dont mind . Cheers Eloi
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