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  1. Uh ... it was my fault . i have not configured proper path to OTLs my render nodes could not connect to otl library - so it obviously could not work it worked only if the asset was unlocked and saved in hip file just like subnetwork
  2. The answer is very obvious : this HDA was not seen by render nodes....fixed. now it works
  3. Hi I'm trying to create asset that submits a scene to HQ and i've faced a problem inside my asset i have a reference from one node to another (see picture) when this asset is unlocked everything goes fine...but when i lock the asset then hq gives error message "ERROR: Cannot find node '/out/wgfarm1/geosave'" in this case
  4. Hi ! We use redshift for render and everything is ok, but We'd like to use some machines without GPU to simulade DOPs or generate geometry in Hqueue The problem is that since these machines don't have GPU, they obviously fail to load redshift dlls and OTLs. Hqueue gets an error and fails to process this hip file. None of redshift OTLs is used or involved in simulation somehow, but hqueue fails anyway just because some unknown operators present in scene. I used to solve this problem in linux by installing some nvidia libs into system, but i can not solve it under windows this way..... And the question is : Are there ways to force hqueue to ignore this type of errors and process hip file any other advices will be appreciated thanx in advance!
  5. rasterise attributes points volume from points

    wow thanx!!! i've never used this option before....now it's fine...
  6. rasterise attributes points volume from points

    Uhm ! sorry guys! although it looks ugly in viewport - it renders normal....it seems that it is really only viewport representation i dunno what kind of bug was it on my first render
  7. Hi ! trying to set up a source for smoke sim. i use volume rasterize attributes and get strange results. please see what's happening i have a bunch of points distributed across the space. its bound box is rather big (arounb 80x80x80 units) then i use volume rasterize attributes and get this : as you can see it is very jaggy. of course i've played with pscale or voxelsize/sampling...but i have not managed to get smooth volume then i deleted lot of points and left only one group of them: the same SOP (volume rasterize points) with the same settings gave me different result (nice and smooth volume) and the question is - why i got different results keeping the same settings both for points and "volume rasterize attributes" SOP ? the same pscale and the same voxelsize the only thing that changes is bounding box of my points... and of course it affects the simulation... i also get ugly jagged volume inside DOP.... i can not understand what is wrong....i thought it is just viewport optimization or something like that....but the simulation also goes wrong and i see this voxels in rendered picture as well..... how can i get smooth volume for all of my points ? thanks in advance
  8. Hi ! Firstly i'd like to say that have an experience setting up and working with HQ (render, sim) Now i'm trying to set up PDG working on Hqueue but i've faced some strange issues I've set up everything and try to launch render. it fails output log says: C:/app/houdini/Houdini_18.0.460/python27/python2.7.exe: can't open file 'W:/3DCG/test_rs/proj_td/pdgtemp/21808/scripts/pdgmq.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory Part of diagnostic information: Client Job Commands: ============================= Windows Command: "C:/app/houdini/Houdini_18.0.460/python27/python2.7.exe" "W:/3DCG/test_rs/proj_td/pdgtemp/21808/scripts/pdgmq.py" --xmlport 0 --relayport 0 --start But....this file (pdgmq.py) does exist and path is correct. even more : if i copy/paste this command line into cmd console - it works. pdgmq.py starts ok. and it's done under the same user as HQclient logs on. I have no idea where to dig further......
  9. Hi ! i'm trying to render particles in redshift. I need to use noise in shader, but the problem is that particles are moving on SOP level and noise also sliding along surface as well In the case of mesh object i just use rest attribute and all is ok. Noise is foxed....but in the case of particles RedShift does not take into account rest attribute on particle.... so it causes noise to move (((( and it seems that we do not have an option to set custom data for noise seed ... it uses only obj position or some vertex data, that particle does not have.... is there any way to get what i need ? to apply bump noise on moving particle and fix it on this particle .... here on picture i have only one particle and it's moving....and bump ((((
  10. SOLVED i've just set up redshift DEMO as a loopback and all necessary CUDA libs now hqueue client loads hip without any errors
  11. Hi ! I've got hqueue farm set up on linux machines. i use it only for simulations Sometimes i get hip files for simulation that contain various number of operators which are not needed for sim (i.e. some custom ROPs, materials etc.) BUT ! when a client loads this hip file it warns that it can not load specific OTL and refuses to load hip. Let's say i have a scene with geo node that has reference to some Redshift material in its 'material' parameter. but i don't want to render this. i just want to simulate and write geometry to disk. But hqueue refuses to do that because it can not find redshift otls .... Is there a way to force houdini to ignore things like this....????? So you can not find otl!!!!....nevermind. just simulate...you do not need redshift to simulate dop network.... upd: when i connect to client via ssh and start hbatch in terminal - it works.....it loads file, claims that can not recognize node types...but simulation works when i start it with the command manually (render -V rop_node).. why hqueue can not do that and just fail the job ???
  12. Pyro/Smoke voxels stretching

    thanks, benne5 ! it has helped a bit i think i've got all these stuff because of my additional disturbance, that messed velocity field too much ! so i had to raise substep amount to mantain proper density moving.
  13. Pyro/Smoke voxels stretching

    Hi ! I'm not a kind of novice in houdini but i still can not get an answer please take a look at the picture here is the result of simulation. As you can see there are areas where smoke looks like stretched through several adjacent voxels Why do these stripes appear ? is it due to insufficient substeps or somewhat else ? in this case i set 16 substeps and rather high container resolution ! on the other hand i have high initial velocity stamped from points. i've tried to use adaptive substepping but it had no prominent effect. i think if i had risen substeps amount to 100 or more i would probably get rid of this stripes....but i would not like to simulate it for ages.... maybe some of you has found an easy way to deal with such issues....
  14. Hi ! I'm trying to setup grains simulation and have faced strange grains behaviour in my setup i'm using explicit constraint with varying strength on all constraints primitives When i run sim i notice that some clumps are moving in very strange manner ! not physical accurate please take a look at attached movie - i've marked piece with red circle...... i tried to set up more substeps but it did not help may be some one could help me to resolve this situation there is the hip file in attachment as well. grerror.mov a1.hipnc
  15. Hi ! I'm trying to distribute pyro simulation among several computers using hqueue And whatever i do i can not get proper results ! i've attached sample scene ! everything is done using shelf tools only (no custom multisolvers, etc.) as you can see the container, divided by 2 along X axis, looks fine ! but ! container divided another way looks wrong ! and i can not get what is the problem ! i just change slice division and nothing more .... distro.hip