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  1. Exporting particles

    Thank you skogen! That is what I'm looking for! Could you be so kind an explain how to install this Houdini 2 Krakatoa plugin? I'm looking everywhere but i can't find any instruction.
  2. Exporting particles

    SOP and ROP work fine. Of course I can : http://www.filedropper.com/untitled_15
  3. Exporting particles

    I am using Houdini 12 for windows. I am using plugin from NextLimit site.
  4. Exporting particles

    I'm doing everything according to the documentation (add RF particles export node, select the output file and SOP path, I leave Particle File tab with default options) and after clicking render button nothing happen.
  5. Exporting particles

    Hi all, As a total houdini newbie , I have a problem with exporting particles. After doing some experiments with popnetwork, I would like to export my work to 3ds max and render with krakatoa. After some search I know that this is possible to do with Realflow plugin, but I don't know how. I tried to connect realflow nodes to popnetwork, but after clicking render nothing happens. I would be very grateful, if someone could explain me how to do it.