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  1. Chunky Soup

    Hi there. I am trying to create a chunky soup sim with flip fluids using variable viscosity. My first test seems to be doing well but there are a few areas that I would like to improve but are unsure how to do about it. So my scene is useing a texture of soup. I take some colours from that texture and use that to create my viscosity om my points. It ranges from 500 - 500000. For the most part the general movment seems spot on. There are just two things I would like to tweak. Firstly. The high end viscosity does not seem to keep its shape as well as I hoped. The points that makes up thechunks in the soup does stay together. But seems to loose its shape. Anything thoughts on keeping the chunks chunky? Secondly. I would like the chunks to always float to the top. Thoughts on that? Cheers
  2. Saving areas of a field of objects

    Wow that works do well. Thank you very much!
  3. Saving areas of a field of objects

    There is a issue with this setup. Since I need to export animation to the Alembic this does not seem to work. If the write node is inside the for loop it will write out for each iteration. For each grid. So far so good. But on the next frame it will once again write out for each grid overiding the file from the previous frame. I tried getting around this by adding "$F" to the output. Which works by write out each frame for each grid. But then I have issues loading that into Maya. So ideally I will need one file for each grid with the entire sequance. Any thoughts?
  4. Saving areas of a field of objects

    O yes this looks like it might do it. Thank you. I am going to play with this a little just to make sure I understand what is going on. Thanx again
  5. Hi there. Honestly I have no real idea how to go about this problem. Often when at the very least has an good idea how to solve the problem, but is missing the last few steps, you can describe to the ideal solution in terms of what you alreay know about the solution. Make sence? Ok here we go. I have a huge field of plants. With packed primitives Houdini handles this shockingly well. They are all blowing in the wind. Interacting with various things that are happening in the field. All good. The problem is that we need to render this in Maya. No Houdini on the farm. So we exported this through Alembic to Maya. The Maya guy has wrote a thing that will convert this to a arnold proxy. The prosess is almost 100% automated. Works rather well. Here is where the problem comes in. The machines on the farm does not have enough memory to render this. So I broke up the field into 5 chuncks. Still not enough. So here is what I would like. I want to be able to place a grid in my scene in Houdini that covers the field of plants. I would like to automate every plant that appears in one of the grid squares to save as their own alembic. So ideally if I need to change the size of the grid later down the line to match the farm memory. It will be just the case of one slider change and go get some coffee. Or atleast this is a way I would imagine a solution. How ever this may be a very silly way to go about this. So please. if you have any ideas how to go about this problem. Please let me know. Thank you.
  6. connect one rope to another

    Hi there. I am trying to create a plant that will need to do some rather silly things. So I am going to try and sim it using wires. I create the "trunk curve" from that I am creating "branches". What I would like to know is. How do I attach these branches to the trunk. Please note that the branches are randomly generated. I would assume that I need to put the first points of the branches into a group. Or add an attribute to them. Then some how find the corrisponding trunk point. Not sure really. Also note. This studio only have houdini 16. Not 16.5 or 17. Any thoughts would be appresiate. Cheers
  7. Alembic animation smoothing

    Don't worry. I figured it out. Thank you Turned out to be really simple. Cheers
  8. Alembic animation smoothing

    Hi there. I have an Alembic animation. It is 23 frame long but I need to time warp it to 300 frames. Needless to say the tween frames generated for the point animation is a very straight A to B to C. Unusable linier animation. I would like to smooth this out. Effectively treat each points motion as though it is an animation curve of its own. Then smooth out that curve. So the tween frames feel more natural. I was wondering if there was a way to do this in CHOPs. or if there is something else I am not aware of. Cheers
  9. blood flow

    Hi there. I have this pumping organ. The idea is that it needs to pump "blood" from one tank to the other. The setup I have seems to do a good job. The animation is of the organ pumping and there are valves opening and closing to let the liquid in and out when it needs it to. I also have a curve flow in there to help the liquid along. Looks gross. Mesmerising but gross. There is one issue I would like to avoid. The setup seems to get a lot of air in the organ. I would very much like to avoid this. Not sure how to go about this. Any ideas? heartPumpTest_v02.hipnc
  10. blackout shader for viewport

    hi there. i have this scene with a pyro in it. i would like to do a slap comp of a veiw port render. but i cant seem to get the shader working right for the hold out geo in the scene. i would like to have a fully black shader with no alpha. the maya equivilent would be "use backgroud". any thoughts Cheers
  11. Auto resize pyro container

    Great thank you. I will try it.
  12. Auto resize pyro container

    Hi there I have a pyro setup. It is meant to be used over several shots with different cached animations as its source. I would like to know a good way to have the pyros size and center of its start frame to match the geomatry cache. So i dobt have to manually go in there and make tweeks for each animations starting localtion. Cheers.
  13. rest fields in pyro

    Hello. I am doing a pryro simulation for previz. meaning i dont need to render it. it will just be flip booked. i would like to use rest fileds with it and hook it up to a noise in a vop. I have checked the two boxes in the sim and I have my rest field data. I just dont know how to hook it up in the vop to a noise. Any thoughts? cheers
  14. Alphas and flipbooks

    I have a scene i want to do a slap comp. I have an object and a pyro. I would like to know how to make sure the object does not show up in the alpha of the flipbook. Also it seems the pyro has a slight ghost of the object drawn in it despite that object being shaded black and is behind it. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  15. Odd resolution in pyro

    I ok. I will give that a go. Thank you