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  1. Solids from Gases

    So, I'm sure it's a really simple solution, there's probably a node for it..... Having setup a Pyro-sim. I want to then convert the resulting sim into a polygon object. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mass makes things interesting

    Perfect, great stuff !!! I'll take a lookm thanks very much for responding. Spot on !!!! Cheers Andy
  3. Mass makes things interesting

    Needing a little help with setting the mass for particles in a structured way. In the past, in Maya, I've been able to set the mass of particles by, for example, using the red channel from the colour set on the particle. If this is done with changing say, a noise texture over time it creates a nice structrued feel to the way the particles act. If for example, they all had random values on emission there wouldn't be any appreciable "structure" to the way they act and move. with "textured mass", it gives a feel a little like "grains" would, there are groupings etc So I've moved on and now getting to grips with Houdini and want to duplicate the same effect with emitting particles. I know I could hook up a texture from an emitting surface and link an attribute from map node to do this. I was wanting to look at the attribute from volume node instead, and am struggling with how this might be linked up. Partly because I'm in this case emitting from a curve, so no surface. Any clues or insights would be much appreciated
  4. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Yes, got that going earlier today. I'm new to Houdini, I've been an effects TD at various film post houses, but only on Maya. Really like the workflow. I've also been going through some of your Wiki site. Really great explanations. Thanks very much for your help. I've been out all day, but planning on getting something together this evening. I'll keep you posted. I managed to get an Alamebic file in from Maya. I saw that there are UV issues with the transfer, so needed to apply new ones, also there was the whole unpack node I had to add to allow for changes. I have a lot to learn. Frustrating but exciting. Thanks again Andy
  5. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Many thanks for putting that together. Works really well. I'm now going to see if I can blend between objects with the same topology but different models. I can see how the ramp works to affect the inflated version of the mesh. I need to run a texture sequence through this input instead, using UV's of the models. Great starting point though, thanks again, I'll keep you posted on where I get to. Thanks. Great Wiki by the way.
  6. Does anyone know of a way to morph/blendshape geo using a texture. I came across this https://hdbp.io/BjGNeLeB Which was along the right lines. I'm wanting to use an image sequence to weight the blendshape of one geo to another. I understand the geo will need to match in terms of point order. There was another interesting method in which there is a morph between VDB's which again was great, but only allows a volume alpha mask to control the blend. Any ideas would be appreciated. I did use Stroika, a plugin for Maya years ago that did the job perfectly.