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  1. Hanton Yang - Showreel 2013

    Hi, This is my newest reel: I'm looking for a job in Singapore, China or Hong Kong. Thanks! Hanton
  2. Problem controlling fracture

    Hi iwilson2, you can select the voronoi fracture node and hit the self tool "Rigid Bodies -> RBD Fracture Object". Then, it will collapse exactly what your visual voronio fracture node looks like. Please see my hipnc file buildingFracture_v007_hanton.hipnc
  3. SDF Blending

    Amazing work!
  4. Big News Next week!

    "In his talk, Mayer will explain how the shot grew in length and how it was done. He described the tech detail to fxguide and hopefully this should give you a sense of the kinds of presentations that will take place at Dailies. “I simulated eighteen separate fluid grids, about 1.35 billion voxels per frame. Each flow started as a simple particle system for blocking. I rasterized these into our openvdb volumes and fed them into our proprietary fluid simulator, Flux, which is embedded in Houdini." Flux -> Houdini ?
  5. Combine two object into one

    Hi larmannjan, could you upload your hip or hipnc file? H
  6. Od[force] Shaders Scene

    could any master update the Shaders Scene for H12.5?
  7. Seeker - A Hanton Animation in 2013

    Thanks for your commends! Yes, the animation is telling a whole story. The story is driven by the music. If I can say, the animation is what I see from the music.
  8. Hi, it's my latest animation, hope you guys like it, thanks!
  9. Hi, it's my latest animation, hope you guys like it, thanks! https://vimeo.com/66874207
  10. Hi, all After I successfully builded HOT in my Mac (OS X10.8.2 and Houdini 12.1.77), I loaded the examples into my Houdini. When I opened those sop_*.hip files, it's ok. But when I opened those vopsop_*.hip files, Houdini told me "/vex/displace1/HOT_Ocean_Eval1" using incomplete asset definition (full definition not found). What has happened to my "HOT_Ocean_Eval1"? I remembered my console told me "Finished installing, go make waves." Thanks error.tiff
  11. Hi, recently, I'm using Houdini to make clouds. I use the Houdini self tool "Pyro FX->Volcano" to emit smoke from a lot of spheres, and then I can make the clouds I like. Please see the attachment picture 1, which is rendered by Mantra. Because I feel it quite slow when using Mantra, and I have Pixar's RenderMan in hand, so I try to render my clouds using PRMan to speed up rendering. But, I can't get what I want, please see attachment picture 2. I know I need to using Light Template when using PRMan, does I miss anything else for successfully rendering Pyro in PRMan? Thanks a lot.