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  1. 2006 Houdini Roadshow

    ill be at London one hope to catch u guys there J
  2. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    completely agree Nate - some kind of tweakable OTL would be great...then the pipeline and tutorial would be nice and simple - 'download OTL, load in zbrush disp maps...render and tweak' should prove Houdini as no.1 J
  3. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    ohhh my bad - sure. Yes you can, if ive got you right this time, what zbrush does is masking - you select the area you want to mask by dragging over it, or Ctrl Alt click on that group and then define it as a masked area (ie the hat - assuming it is a group defined as the hat. is tricky otherwise with dragging approach) The masked group wont be effected by brush strokes or deformations, and i recall that you can change its opaciity in the work view so that it does not get in the way of your work - though i willl have to double check that hope thats what you meant mate, J
  4. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

  5. Portfolio Review

    Hey Dave only just managed to download technical reel - (kicks 56k modem) - thought it was excellent! really inspired by the procedural plants and sound work. keep it up! J
  6. Houdini 9 Wish List

    1)COPS - Paint, tracking and keying 2)Better GI (multi-bounce etc) 3)Sculpt+Paint SOPs to be JUST like ZBrush ... although that might be pushing it a bit hehehe 4) DOCUMENTATION! J
  7. Mis-match Of Attributes

    yeah - thanks so much Deecue - very much appreciated!
  8. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    hey Leo just wanted to say it all worked a treat - the Shader is great - very helpful, and i got no artifacting, even with a crazy animation test i did. thanks a lot! will post my results as soon as i can get things finalised. Also wanted to mention that if using Uv pelt - after doing some tests it is clear that there has to be a different method - using the multi-uv plugin with zbrush. For now i will use the pre-generated GUV's from zbrush, but if we are to post to the wiki, it would be worth us putting up a uv-pelt example too - for those that want to have uv's laid out for 2d painting purposes too. Cheers J
  9. Mis-match Of Attributes

    hey all, sorry for the basic question, but its something that i want to understand better - and want to know if there is any way i can stop it warning. basically, i have a merge sop that is giving me the yellow warning of 'a mis-match of attributes on the inputs was detected'...and i want to know how to stop this and define attributes myself i am assuming this has something to do with the shading/uv's. in simple terms i have a sphere with slapped on shader. This sphere is copied and the new one given a uv'd texture and the they are merged together as one has uv attribute defined, i am assuming that when it merges the other creates uv's but all set to 0? so i expect that i have to explicitly define the attributes before merging them? If i want to export as obj later, and the two sphere's have same uv space i assume this will be a problem - how do i make sure they dont.... sorry for the elementary question, its just something i want to clear up before exporting obj's or making otl's cheers J
  10. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    wow! thanks loads Leo, thats just too cool of you! i actually managed to work a lot out myself, but did have a few problems that u mentioned how to fix - im going to give it all a run through tonight - ill let u know how i get on!! Cheers! J
  11. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    thanks for that si! yeah, i assumed that making one in vops would have been the way to go, but as you said to modify the default shader i wondered how i could do this ... now i know - cheers, will give it a shot!
  12. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    Hey Leo - I would be so grateful! thanks loads, sounds very cool - cant wait to hear about it. Sibarrick - cheers for your help, it appears that rendering polygons as subdivisions is causing mantra to crash - although i have no idea why as it normally it does this fine, i have tried with other models with no problem. The work around is to just use subdivide node, which works fine. My only issue now is that im not sure how to get the default VEX displacement map shader to read middle gray as black, as you suggest in your instructions. If u think im doing something drastically stupid, i can whip together a .hip tonight. but Leo's answer sounds intreguing! Cheers once again J
  13. Zbrush/houdini Workflow

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience working between these two softwares, and if they can offer any advice with regards to workflow before i spend ages making loads of silly mistakes trying to work it out. Ideally i'd like to get my findings up on the wiki, and maybe post some example .hips to help others in the future, so im after gathering as much of everyone's experiences. I have read previous posts about setting the .OBJ to a lowercase .obj, but nothing really on getting the obj's set up right to go back and forth. ---------------------- Basically i have a model I have made in Houdini, and have want to take into Z brush for displacement maps. I have managed to do this fine, but here are some of my thoughts/issues: 1) Say I have a model that is specifically grouped into separate objects (for example head as one object group, hat as another) how do i export an obj that keeps these objects together but as is understood by zbrush separate groups. Then after going through zbrush, import it back into houdini maintaining this information? 2) will i be able to do a UV pelt on the character, then export and use these UV settings in ZBrush? is there anything i have to do specifically and will this information be in the obj when i re-import it? I hqave read somewhere that each pelt has to be set on a different UV - which alaso means coming out of zbrush is different to normal. 3)If i subdivide at render time, will this have any effect on the texture/uv's/displacement? (sorry, never done before) 4) someone (i think it was sibarrick) wrote out their settings on zbrushcentral.com here - post 10 but i have had no luck getting it to work at all - - mantra crashes evey time. sorry for the long post guys, im just really keen t get this working as zbrush just blows my mind and has given me the power to do things i never through possible - if i can get it to work with houdini....planets will be colliding. Cheers J
  14. Vop Playground!

    that is just too cool...if u can forgive the pun ! J