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  1. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    AH that's why I didn't understand the difference so I have to let the Scale Volume to 1 ?
  2. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Thank you Edward for you mesage, it's interesting to understand why. I have check you file and see the difference between them. I haven't a lot of experience with volume and I'm wondering how to know, when I have to invert volume fields with this example ? because visualy they have not a lof of difference. Thank you very much.
  3. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Thank you a lot, it's really helpful for me. I understand much metter your workflow.
  4. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Thank you so much Pradeed or helping me so much. A lot of useful tips in your posts ! I didn't know how to use correctly VDB with collision with the third input of the filp solver. It great to know ! I have 3 little questions : - In fact it's useless in this case to add a : Convert VDB after my VDBFromPolygons ? - Why did you set in the "Source Volume" a value of -1 for the "Scale Source Volume" ? - I'm not an expert with TimeBlend, is it possible to explain to me how it works in this situation and why you setup it here ?
  5. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    It's already check, and correct. I have edited my previous post, may be it could help you.
  6. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Hi Sierra, it's weird, I have downloaded the .rar file and .bgeo are in the Export folder. I don't understand why it's not attached You're right, I have forgotten to check "Use Deforming Geometry" before to upload, but it doesn't collide a lot with flip fluid simulation. Edit : I think it's a problem with my splash tank, because with a simple sphere which emit particles, it works. Now I have to find why the splash tank do not make a nice collision.
  7. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Hello Pradeep, Can I abuse of your kindness ? I have a little problem on my scene, In fact, in my AutoDopNetwork I can't understand why my box doesn't interact with flip simulation. Thank you in advance if you have an idea. Collision_problem.rar
  8. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    With pleasure Pradeep. I will be happy to give you some advices.
  9. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Great ! It's perfect with : "turn off Divide non-Convex polygons." Your method is very interesting, thank you to have share your file. It's good to know the Add SOP is not necessary. Thank you very much for your help and advices. Have a good day.
  10. AttribTransfer on moving objects issue

    Thanks a lot Pradeep !! it's much much better with your first solutionwith "Scatter Based On Primitive Area" turn Off. But it seems to have few wrong points which still affected by AttribTranfer Do you have an idea ? Same thing for you ?
  11. Hello guys I need your help, because I'm using AttribTransfer on moving objects for the first time and I have the problem below : As you can see, my AttribTransfer in the Solver SOP affect my attributs (color and wetness) to wrong points and I don't understand why. But this setup works fine when my objects are static. It's based on Peter Quint tutorial : https://vimeo.com/52290971 File attached. Thank you very much if you can help me AttribTransfer_bug.rar
  12. rop save in background

    Thank you for you answer oldschool I'm wondering the same thing.
  13. Rain water drips

    it's cool thank you Phlok
  14. Vizy Acky Particles Course Now On YouTube

    Thank you so much for your sharing Garman !