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  1. Volumelight Fog Shader

    Added support for Heterogeneous medium. Decoupled Ray Marching & Equiangular Sampling: Default Mantra render (same time): Example file included in repository.
  2. Volumelight Fog Shader

    My open source solution to render volume light effects in Houdini Mantra based on the first part of this paper. Equiangular sampling (better sampling around light sources) Per-Light export Physically correct result Support for colored absorption (attenuation) Source code and example here https://github.com/somesanctus/volumelight
  3. dispersion bsdf

    TRUE I dont think so. Every rainbow you see in my renders is result of multiple refraction, or reflection of previosly refracted(dispersed) light.
  4. dispersion bsdf

    ok dispersion.hip dispersion.otl dispersion1.otl
  5. dispersion bsdf

  6. Is it possible to define cvex shader in VOP network and call it by path?
  7. VEX Shader Calls

    Hello, everybody. I try to work with new import function, and i have some results. I want to mix some shaders by mask. As i understood, i can import only precompiled shader, but it would be cool to import shaders, directly from shop context, with saving all parameters. May be someone knew workaround? Thanks.